Building to much Heat

Hi its starting to get warm here again i been combating the cold with heaters… now my next issue is im building to much heat on these hot days… i currently have 2 6in inline fans one bringing in fresh air and one removing it i been in flower for 46 days on one and 36 on another… my lights kick on at noon until midnight… will it effect my plants if i change my light times to where there kick on in the evening then off in the morning to use my lights at cooler times? Any info would be much appreciated my room is 5x6 7ft tall

No problem at all. Just do a long lights out and resume with your 12/12 the next night.


Thanks for the help

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Interrupting or changing their light cycle at all can stress them out, but you should be totally okay if you’re just doing it one time. Also like the other guy said, transition the cycle with a long dark period instead of a long light period, so you don’t accidentally send them into re-veg, which is possible.

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