Building several blurples into something special

I can’t seem to find any on here unless I’ve searched wrong stuff but is there or has anyone ever built several blurples boards into one light to see what happens. I have quite a few here and a bit of time was thinking on taking a cpl few of them apart and see what all we have. I’d only use the boards and get meanwell or inventronics driver to power it all up. I’ll post pics of the boards and all when I get done taking them apart and we can get some expert advise on what to do to connect and make something good. Before I go and buy a good light for my clone tent why not see if I have we enough stuff here to build a light that may work better and only cost driver and wire prices and a bit of my time and it’s if u lend a helping hand in this as I’m not all that good at this but I can build something fix it and or take it apart and put it all back together but from the get at what to do and where to start is beyond me. @NeoGroR I know has the blurples buyers page any1 with ideas or did anything similar with blurples lights ring in.


Keep in mind that burples use a lot of the electricity that they use generating heat, and that the fans on burples are there for a reason. Don’t forget that you are going to have to cool whatever it is that you build.


Better to spend your money (and time) on a good light. You can purchase kits if you want to DIY.


Does sound like an exercise in mental masterbation.


I have plenty of light just tired of looking at them when i open the closet door lol. Corner of blurps. Was wondering if I just took the boards and mounted them on a heat sink big and thick enough and just spread the colors evenly. I have some have more blue look some all red look some pink look some purple look and some whites also lol. If they have a 2k w driver I prolly have enough boards from off brand qb boards I can build a nice light it just has shit drivers they r smd 3030 chips with ir and uv but for some strange reason the bus don’t light up. Same boards Cody has but his uvs work lol @CoyoteCody


Be interesting to see how you get on with this. These things get such shit reviews be curious to see if you can improve on their original spec :face_with_monocle:

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The only way I’ve read them reborn that made sense to me was using all the original drivers housings and fans but replacing the boards with upgraded quantum boards.

Honestly… In over my head.


I might try and take one apart today and see what we have as my back is killing me today after all the shit I did yesterday barely able to walk today right now. I will post pics of I do get to ripping one apart. They not doing anything else but setting around lol. In total without the few I have in tent now I have 7 or 8 blurples 4x 240w enfun qb boards and 1x 120w enfun qb board. Hell if I could afford the electric bill I have enough light to light up a 15x15 room prolly easy if not bigger with the hlgs

Since @dbrn32 has helped people through custom builds I’d imagine his knowledge here would count more than most.

Have fun!


Hey if we can’t do muffin with them at least will give me a reason to throw them away because they will be all taken apart. Lol. Wife would be happy to have 3x3 foot area of closet back lol. Hell I think I have 2 carbon filters in there 2 lol. One brand new never used yet sitting wrapped in a garbage bag lol

When you say have 3x3 of closet space back…

You mean another grow tent correct? :rofl:

I have a room 4x7x8 a spare bath 4 5x4.5x8 and a tent in room 2x5x4 high shed kill me if I added another spot

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I looked into putting some COBs into my Blurple. I ultimately decided that was at the very bottom of my priorities.

You may be able to use your drivers in the Blurples to run a COB or two. …. I think I started a thread on this. @dbrn32 basically gave me step by step instructions.

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You need board specs in order to do what you are asking. I have helped a few people hack their blurples, but usually consists of using factory heatsink and drivers then replacing the factory led modules. The factory drivers aren’t usually as big of crutch as the leds.

I promised mine I’d only have one tent when I first started. So now we’re upgrading from a 27x27-in to a 3x5. And I’ve also been given permission to fully convert the space under my stairs because as I explained to her technically… That isn’t another tent.

So now you can live up to the name :wink:

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It’s where I started… Life always runs full circle doesn’t it?