Building perpetual garden stage 1


Looks like they changed to clear anno on the sinks too.


They still have black ones but the combo just comes with the aluminum ones. They still a heatsink 2.


All three of my sets came with black heatsinks


Well i hope they are no different. I would imagine they wouldnt send heatsinks that wont work to the lights


You are good I was just making mention of the difference from yours to mine wit the heatsinks


Im pumped just to have them here safe and sound.


As you should be


It’s aluminum, you’ll be good.


Here they are tonight. One week into fruiting, and 12/12. Double watering, and keeping the humidity down. Humbolt Bloom and CaliMag once a week. That’s keeping the leave nute burn away.
The “web” is at 4 feet, lights are topped out at 6 feet. Venting in/out every four hours.
They aren’t gonna win any blue ribbons, but they will keep us happy till next batch.
Now we just need to figure cost versus output.


Looks like this one is bouncing back


Can’t wait to see the monsters you get with those babies. How can I follow you posts on these?


White reflects light better. Should also help reflect the heat, yes?


Honestly I wouldn’t be able to tell you because I got/bought these lights off recommendations and the heat in my tent with the new lights is constant 86-92 degrees. So I really couldn’t answer but I’m sure @dbrn32 @1BigFella @MAXHeadRoom could help you here


I’m not exactly sure what we’re trying to figure out? But I’ll try to help if I can.


That’[s a bit warm. Maybe more exhaust fan? Is it pulling hot air from the top of your grow chamber? If you are just pulling room air into the chamber, maybe you need to install a cool air duct so it can get air from outside?

Heating your house with the hot air is great, especially if you use electric or propane heat anyway. But maybe the grow chamber heat is just going right back in again? You might need a fan or long duct to get that heat to other parts of the house.


Yea I’ll turn up my 6” cfm fan more and the exhaust for it is dumping in my closet. The intake 4” is pulling from the room and it’s cooled 76.


Why the dimmers Bud?


I think he wanted the A Type dimmers. They are right on the driver. The b type you can wire to a knob. This allows you to dim the light which makes it more efficient.


I’ll take whatever dimmers you think is best


The driver mounted ones are easiet, and will handle what 90% of people want to do with them. You simply order the driver that has them installed. Otherwise you would order the driver that just comes with the leads and wire in your own dimmer, usually a potentiometer.