Building perpetual garden stage 1


I guess the guy paying the bill should decide.LOL. @Budtastic

I also wanted to let you know I just purchased 4 Wavy Boards from Photon Fantom Designs. Just like HLG he was always out of stock and I always seemed to miss the restock. I guess I’m taking a risk because there is not much data on them. Apparently they are already attached to an aluminum plate and claim that no heat sink is required. Should come out to 300 watts for a 2 x 4 space. Check them out @dbrn32


I’ve been there. What I hadn’t been able to decipher is if he’s considering the pcb itself as the aluminum plate they’re attached to? Also, what kind of savings you’re actually seeing over the course of your build. They’re 36v right, and max he claims you can run them as they are is 2.1 amps? It’s a 75 watt board at that point, which explains not needing anything to pull heat. Even at $25 more per board and a $20 heatsink, cost per watt available is still in favor of qb right?

Also, not sure if it was him or not, but one of them sent boards to cobby for sphere testing and it fell Plenty short of top bin performance. It’s suspected board manufacturer sold builder s6 bin but installed older bin.


And ya, I don’t want to push anyone in a different direction. I just thought it would be a potential alternative. I’m plenty good with having more than is needed for sure. But if someone can save a few bucks while getting enough performance, I want to throw those options out too.


Ill buy 2 more lights because i like the 4 frame idea. It will help me with correct height per plant better i think. Aso i figure why not. Its easier to turn 2 off then the have to buy and rebuild. Could i even turn just 2 off? If i dont need them then i can always find another use for them. My only confusion is how much monthly will these cost? And if i did end up turning 2 off will it help in that aspect?


It depends on how you configure them. It would probably be easier to dim them than mess with deciding how and when to turn them off. 4 at half power will draw same power than 2 at power, but have more light.

Depending on which driver you use, you can expect them to pull close to 1000 Watts per hour from the wall. That’s 12,000 watts per day of 12/12. If you pay $.10 per kilowatt hour, about $1.20 per day of 12/12 just for the lights. Depends on your particular cost, delivery fees and what not. And that’s just for the lights.


If we go with the current design you will have 4 separate lights which you can turn on/off or dim. Many options.

When I run mine at 1000w it only cost me an additional $60-$80 a month. But that is everything. Lights, fans, pumps, timers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc.

So is that the way you want to go? Let me know so I can finish up your design. :sunglasses:


Yeah lets do 4 sets of 2 lights each with dimmers. I like more light less stress on equipment. Maybe they last lomger or Like i said earlier. I can always use the lights later in another setup.


You wanna do the remote dimmers that you hook up yourself? Or get drivers with built in potentiometer that allow you to dim as low as 50%?

I believe @MAXHeadRoom cited hlg-240h-c2100 earlier, that’s the one I would recommend for running two boards as well. You just need to figure out if you want a or b dimming.

I don’t believe you’ll be able to start all four drivers from the same circuit though. You may even need dedicated 20 amp circuits for each fixture. Will that be a problem?


Id like the dimmers built in.
Im not electrically inclined so not sur what you mean by running each on 20 amps. I mean if i have too i could run new wire to eletric box and put new breakers in for them. Could you explain more on this? Would i be able to plug in 1 set in the wall like normal? Because i could run some extention cords in attic?



Not sure if you’re familiar with the term inrush current? It refers to a high level of current that’s drawn from electrical loads for a short period of time upon start up. Like usually for less than a second. Basically, a standard 120 volt 15 amp or 20 amp breaker isn’t designed to see that kind of current, so it usually thinks there’s a fault and trips.

When you get into multiple large light grows they usually use a specific controller. I believe titan controls is the first name on horticulture lighting applications, if you wanna check them out. They’re not completely necessary, but a typical way of combating inrush current issues. There are some other exploratory ways though.

I have started two large drivers from a 20 amp circuit no problem. Whether you’re able to do all four is kind of a crap shoot. You can certainly try. I just wanted to point out that it could potentially be a problem before you were balls deep and a $1000+ bucks in. Running off a different circuit or circuits is ideal, you just have to be careful with the extension cords obviously. You can try staggering timers by a couple minutes too, but getting last set to fire still has to happen with circuit partially loaded.


Sounds like it would be better to have my buddy come and run me new power to the closet. What size wire and breaker do you recommend @dbrn32


Your buddy is an electrician? If you’re going that route, I would talk to him about installing two 230v circuits if you have room. All of the led drivers I’m aware of are dual voltage and run a couple % more efficient at higher voltage. The breakers may cost a couple of extra bucks. The biggest expense will be wire, but with two 230v circuits you’ll be knocking down walls before you ever need to mess with it. The data sheet says a single 230v 30a will start 3, and in my experience they rate them low so one may work. But if you’re going to have him there anyway, may as well cover your butt in one trip.

If you go that route, 230v 30a will require 10awg wire. But if your guy is an electrician, I’d have him look at what you’re working with altogether and see what he says. When I was doing work like that my garage was loaded with stuff that I probably could’ve done it without purchasing anything, so maybe he has stuff that will work in a different configuration.


I ran my own wire and put in 2- 20amp circuits. To get around the inrush all you have to do is stagger you on time. Thats what I did and I haven’t had any issues.


Ill run 4 lines so not to overload any at all. I will have other things to power also. Running 2 isnt much cheaper anyway. Could probably do the 4 under 175$
Problem solved! I didn’t have electric in the closet anyway. I was going to run 2 regular outlet volts so im glad we went thru this.


Okay we are making
4 - 2 light combos with dimmable driver that will plug into 30 amp electrical outlet. This sound good? I figure if i was going to run 20amps anyway, might as well up it to 30 so im sure to not run out of the juice.

Ypu guys have been a huge help. Cant wait till this room is set up. I’ve been on layoff all winter and head back to work Thursday. I work 8 days away and get 6 off all year long. So keep that in mind while im setting all this up. i have alot or work to do. Shit, my cloths are still in the closet. Lol i just hope to make you guys proud with this thing. Might be a couple months before its all ready but i will get there, i promise.
Like i told max, i had a little bit of money fall on my lap. Not much, but starting this hobby a grand goes quick. If i spent too much too quickly the wifey might have some words for me if ya know what i mean. Give me a couple weeks and ill get those drivers and other 2 boards. Again thanks for all the help.


On a different note. These 4 plants are still alive. I habe no idea how. They are super tiny for being almost a month old. I watered way too much the first 2 weeks and at a very low ph. Was before i got my meter. Anyway. Some of the leaves turned brown and crispy. But since i have changed the water schedule and ignored them. I let them dry out to the poing of “oh shit” so they have started to grow new leaves. The new growth is green. I started using half strength earth juice last time i watered. I will bump it up a bit to full strength. I completely think i !@#$ed these plants up. No way they should look this stunted. One is woking on its 3rd node and isnt even an inch wide. Anyway, ill keep them alive just to learn.


Dont laugh, but here are pics. Third and fourth are the same plant


Don’t run 4 circuits of 230v. Two is more than enough, you really don’t want to have to buy 4 timers and everything else.

I like the way you’re thinking though. If you did the two 230v circuits and two 120v 20a circuits you would be golden. You’ll want those 120v options for your fans, dehumidifiers, and stuff like that.


Good call on the 230v for the lights @dbrn32 . I keep forgetting that you can run the drivers at different input voltage.

I will get busy on your frame design and wiring diagram. @Budtastic I should have something for you to look at by the end of the week. I just draw while I’m watching TV. I guess you will be buying 230v plugs for your drivers. lol :sunglasses:


Just got the lights and heatsinks for the 6 i ordered. Took 4 days total.

They are so much smaller then i imagined. That was faster then all the stuff i ordered off Amazon a day earlier. Looks like ill get all my stuff just in time for me to leave for work. Boo hoo for me. Ill have to wait and play when i get back.


Nice and pretty quick delivery to you