Building perpetual garden stage 1


I have no issue at all with that setup, but after seeing sink temps when @Rugar89 ran them at 2800ma, I would stress a little running them that hard on the single board sink.

If op is concerned with pulling that much power, what about something like 3 288’s on a 320h-c1750? If you go b version and leave dimming leads open would be about 100 Watts per board. Should be greater than 600 umols at 18” right? And the single board sinks should gobble that up no problem. And $40 or so cheaper.



Sounds good to me. When I looked at the HLG600 I notice they where running those boards at near there max amperage. After a certain point you lose your efficiency and just generate heat.


Well the qb boards are available now so was gonna grab all that. Heat sinks seem to be unavailable. Gonna drop id off at grandmas and come back an order. Wanna make sure i pick right stuff

These are correct?

And confused about the different power supplies your both talking about. Do i buy it at same place?


You can confirm with @MAXHeadRoom, but you want the 3000k color temp.

And if you email hlg and tell them you’re buying boards they should be able to get you heatsinks. Last I heard anyway.

If you’re on the fence about driver, we can talk more about it for sure. They aren’t real pressing, as there’s probably 20 places that stock them. But if you can get your hands on boards and heatsinks, I’d definitely do that sooner than later.


Exactly. In his case, in the 5x5, a little reserve power not a bad idea. In a 2x5 I don’t see the value in the added driver cost. Especially since he’s looking to dim if possible. Based off the ledgardener par testing, I’d have no problem at all running 3 boards at 100 watts or less in this application.


They sold out of 3000k. I guess ill wait an keep checking back


@dbrn32 @Budtastic

Are you just getting 3 boards.

Yes get the 3000k color temp.

Looks like everyone is selling them in pairs, so we might as well use the extra board in the build.

I have seen on amazon the QB288 going for $130 a pair plus free shipping.

When you buy the boards from amazon you can e-mail HLG, show them your purchase and they will provide you with the heat sinks you want.


@Onlythebest79 said if you email hlg, they will kit multiple boards and sinks at or below going rate.

I don’t really care either way, just throwing it out.


Im actually getting 6 total. Im making 2 sets


Oh OK go big or stay home. I am liking your attitude :sunglasses:

Also with your area being a different shape then usual. I would buy separate heat sinks for each board


Like @dbrn32 said if you reach out to HLG and speak with Steve he’ll help you and get you what you need.


Yeah was going with 6 boards and 6 heatsinks. Ill buy the ones off Amazon and then email HLG an see if they will hook me up with 6 individual heatsinks. Then im gonna get back at you. Thanks alot. Really appreciate it



Why not just order 3 of the 2 qb288 boards and heatsinks they have them in stock now

I just took this picture from their site


@Budtastic if you are going to order from HLG you had better buy them today. There stock goes very quickly


Is this the same thing? It comes seperate also right so i cpuld still do my design?. I thought it was 1 heatsink for 2 lights. Maybe im wrong



Yes you can do your design plus more. Each board comes with its own heatsink and screws. All you have to do is build your frame get driver and minimum wire and you’ll be good to go


Bought 3 of them. Now for the drivers and stuff. @dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom.


Tell them both @MAXHeadRoom @dbrn32 and they both can help you with drivers and designing your frame


All price quotes are through Arrow. They may be cheaper at different suppliers.

Each board has a forward voltage of 54v DC. So that is your min number. Times 3 you get 162 volts. To calculate your wattage you can use this simple formula. Volts x Amps = Watts

A HLG 320H-C1750B will give you a max wattage of 284. 162 x 1.750 = 283.5
Price $75.40 ea if you buy 2 or more.
A HLG 480H-C2100B will give you a max wattage of 340. 162 x 2.1 = 340
Price $151.91 ea
A HLG 480H-C2800B will give you a max wattage of 454 12 x 2.8 = 453.6
Price $138.00 ea

@dbrn32 @Budtastic


Hlg-320h-c1750b was the one I recommended earlier. That would need a potentiometer hooked up to it to be able to dim. I usually don’t recommend the b to first time builders for that reason. But when the dimming circuit is left open, they’re 105-108% of rated output current. Do you get a couple of bonus watts.

If you switch last spot a instead of b, that has built in potentiometer. It will let you dim from from 100% power down to 50% power, without you doing any additional work. It’s a real nice driver too, but doesn’t have the bonus output.

Going to the hlg-480-2100 a/b is a good choice too. That would actually give you the headroom to add another board later if you wanted. I don’t think you’ll need it, but the option will be there. 2100ma is about as high as I see you wanting to run them though. So my personal opinion is that you don’t need the 2800. And I would look around at pricing too, as arrow recently raised their prices. Trc, or one of the diy grow light suppliers may have a better price.