Building perpetual garden stage 1


Another issue is the water i was giving it. I used distilled water from walmart and its ph at 5. And i thought it was 7. And with overwatering its been pretty bad. Glad they havent died yet. Do see some browning on the edges of one. Probably not getting what they need. Corrective actions taken. None died and learned dont believe everything people tell you. I used distilled because a buddy said it was ph7 and when i asked guy at store, he said 7. Didnt have meter at the time to verify. Now i do and now i know better.


What my greenhouse guy keeps telling me…stop loving them to death…
LOL…can’t keep my eyes off them!


@Budtastic , don’t feel bad about not catching the wrong ph. If I’m not mistake most distilled water does check out at high 6’s and 7. We all assume the guys that sell the stuff are the authorities. What’s crazy, my company has been using my EC,TDS, and PH meter for years and now I’ve finally started to personally use the darn thing. I’ve got to come clean with you guys, it’s so neat I check everything. Water, Milk, shower water and spit. I’ve made a soils slurry and checked the TDS and ph. I was bored one evening and did the same thing with dog food. Isn’t that gross? And I wasn’t even high at the time.


Haha, na man, thats cool you learning about ph and tds. Didnt know it was as important as it is. Vital information for this buisness. I still have yet to get my ppm tester and calabration.


Yep, Just one more weapon for the arsenal @Budtastic.


I only use two ph meters. But I’m a soil grower. Is “TDS” and “EC” checking just for hydro?
And who sells reasonable inexpensive meters for checking those? Maybe I should check runoff.


Reasonably inexpensive meters is a relative thing. I paid $123. but we use ours on a daily basis with my business. The real question is what’s the most affordable “accurate” meter that last a long time. Don’t do like me and just grab it a go. You need to calibrate the darn thing periodically to make sure it’s working correctly. @Ozzimotosan1, it is a good idea to test your runoff every time you water or feed. You get a better idea what your girls uptake is and you can watch the trend and hopefully catch something before it goes bad.


Yeah TDS is important for soil also from everything i read. Im ordering one i saw in another tread that’s like 17$
@dbrn32 was the one that recommended it. I got some calibration fo it also.
I calabrate my ph meter every other watering just to mae sure im on point.


I used those five gallon black fabric (like felt) grow bags with half my plants last grow.
They got a white, powderish waves throughout them after a few week.
Almost like a salt stain on a shoe.
I swapped them out with plastic pots soon after. Didn’t want to risk it if it was white mold forming, and never had a problem with the plastic.
I see everyone is saying “NO NUTES” in your seedling soil. I get and use the same stuff my greenhouse guy uses. He says not to feed until after three waterings.
I don’t feed the babies at all. I wait till they’re at least 6 to 8 inches high.
The pix are my girls as of yesterday. I started lollipopping the two tallest, on the right, and will do the shorter ones today. All five are Purple Haze, gave my only surviving clone to the greenhouse guy.
He says we’ll have clones the Spring. Expects to get over a 100 off it over time.
I clipped a few to put under another light upstairs when I go to flower mode. Put one in a shot glass in the sunny kitchen window. Looking great after three days!


Ya, never done that.
Please throw me a link or something to get a better idea of what I’m testing for besides PH.
I typically don’t water until I get run off. Had to get rid of the fungus gnats.
Been using liter bottles with feeder tops. Holes are two to three inches down.
Water each one every three days.


I tried to copy link on Amazon for the meter im buying but it just takes you to


Yor plants look great bruh, i wish minewere further along. Gotta start somewhere thou. This gonna be longest year of my life. But hipefully by years end ill have everything in continuous cycle


It was salt stains on your fabric pots which is totally normal. You still have the same salts building up in your plastic pots, but now you just cant see it. Most here use the fabric pots.


After realizing hpw much ive been over watering. I have not given plants any water since testing runoff 3 days ago. Soil is still moist.
Took some close ups of the plants today and saw what looks like hairs and some brown tips on the leaves. Could it be the damage from when i was watering at 5.0ph? Ive since corrected that issue also. Ill hold off on watering another day and check.

They look so much better with close ups pictures. Easy to see what im dealing with

Also id like it if we could talk lighting soon
@dbrn32 @Covertgrower


@Budtastic, Dude, those are some of the best close up photos I’ve seen. What are you using? Your phone? or a camera?


Yeah i just have an s8. Took regular photo then edit and zoomed in. Really easy too

What you think of that hairy one thou?


@Budtastic, They do look a tad different but I honestly think you have things under control. I’d be patient and watch the girls each day and see how thing progress. And Like always, continue to use the fan to make sure air is circulated well to prevent mold or any other nasties from showing up. Just keep an eye on them and see how things progress over the next week or so.


They’ll be ok.

What are you looking to do for lights?


Thanks for the tip. Fabric better for the roots?


Started them as seeds late September '17. Only two sprouted. Emailed ILGM and they gave me a discount on buying another five. So those other three were started almost a month later.
The two on the the right side of the picture are the first ones, and the three on the left (one in the middle) are the newer ones. Putting into fruiting mode soon as I can rinse off the remaining sulfur.