Building perpetual garden stage 1


Well I just ordered on of those handheld scopes. It doesn’t take pics. Never could get that other one to work thru laptop.
I was disappointed not being able to harvest. I’m really looking forward to it.


Yes Your first good harvest is always special.
Do you have some good trimmers. Are you going to Wet trim? Dry trim?


I think dry would be best for me because of the

traveling. I think I’ll just take the fan leaves off and keep sugar leaves on. What do you think. I should only be gone for 4 nights if I harvest on Sunday night.
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Whats your humidity and temp going to be in the dry room.


Approximately 55


This is my journal


PH meter finally came as well as trim bin. Also got some of those boveda humidity packs. Gotta 10 pack of the 62%. Pretty sure I got the ounce size. If I use all of them this grow ill be pumped.
I’m gonna do my best to wait till Saturday to harvest. Its gonna happen fo sho.


Just finished harvesting one plant. Took me forever.


I’ll do the other 2 tomorrow. Didnt realize how long it would take.
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Looking phenomenal! Awesome harvest @Budtastic congratulations!


Thanks I’ll put up numbers once it dries. It felt like a lot. Still have 2 more to go also. I don’t think this was the biggest. :grin: how does that trim job look?


I’m no expert at trimming, but it looks good from this angle. @Budtastic


Awesome! Looks great! I like the pic of the bud in hand!


Great job @Budtastic those are some nice size buds. You got me beat.


Awesome @Budtastic! Nice haul and good job trimming! :v:


That one weigh about 52 grams by itself. Probably have 8 or those


I don’t know about that. I’m not even on your level yet


What strain was that again? I started making some keef coins this week. I got a trim tray off Amazon that works great.


I’m pretty sure that one is mandarin haze.
But it could possibly be ultra white amnesia or northern lights. My records are a bit non existent. And things got mixed up along the way. But I’m still thinking mandarin haze. I got one of those trim bins too. Works great.


great harvest champ , well done