Building perpetual garden stage 1


Ahhh, I don’t want to be a dream killer or anything, but prepare to have your hands ful!

Harvesting a large grow is a giant pain in the rear itself. And that’s just labor, it requires very little knowledge or technique. Getting there is a whole different story. I believe you’re in the right place though, lots of great people her to help you along the way.

If I may, I would suggest starting small and working your way up. Instead of throwing all your marbles in at once.


@Budtastic, good evening. Looks like you have things rolling in the right direction. My past experience has been outdoors so plant size and height didn’t really come into play. I am now having rethink my grow philosophy. I’m trying to get as much plant growth into a 2 X 4 square foot area. Density comes to mind. I’m shooting for three stations so to speak for a perpetual grow. In my case five plants at a time is my max. And when I become more accomplished 4 my be my limit due to plant size and thickness. Am I making any sense at all? If not, sorry, it’s been a busy week.


Hey Bud,
I just do a 5 to 6 plant batch every six months. Hoping my last harvest lasts until this next one is ready.
First one was Pineapple Express, and this one is Purple Haze. The first one was trouble free, this one has had more twists and turns than I can type. Only difference was second floor bedroom (grow tent), and cellar (same tent). Same heater, better lighting this time (stronger), and this time I will not have a deadline to harvest. Really liking that. I would like to see how your endeavor works out. Smart with the cloning, save a bunch of $$. I have a clone I am sending to a greenhouse guy that will serve as clones as we need them. Planning on getting two or three to grow outside. Will start indoors in March, and move out in May. Good luck and keep on growing!
Jim Oz


Na, not a dream killer at all. I do know there will be ups and downs and am looking forward to it all. Just like anything new. I’ll learn to trouble shoot and avoid problems before they arise. But I have to go thru it to learn. Here for the long haul bruh. I very well may end up with only 1 by the end (or even 0) but guarantee nextround will be better.


Only way to do it!


I had the light like 3 inches away from plants so I raised the lights to 5.5 inches away. Uncovered the suran wrap and just gonna let the light shine. Hoping it fixes the yellowing on the 2. The weird looking one is just 1 day from taking off the shell. I think it will be fine. This will be 3rd day with no water. Only been misting twice a day. They feel slightly damp around my fingertip knukle deep. Will water tomorrow for sure. Just want to let air in the system. Also order 3 and 5 gallon smart pots. Ill have them in a week or so. Thinking of transplanting when the come with different foxfarm. They are in a seedling mix by foxfarm now. Getting ready to order a ppm tester and calabration solution. Thanks to some of the post i read i feel comfortable with it also. Not too expensive. Ill try post as many pick as i can.
Any advice is always welcomed. Well, except for bad advice like throw them away. Lol


These are 10-14 days old
Also i got rid of the carnival seeds. Didnt crack 6 or 7 days.
Got rid of the smaller 2 plants. Roots looked dry and curved weird. Everything i read says i put seeds in upside down aftrer germination. Not gonna dwell on it. Have 4 plants andthats a great start from 0. Anyway i also wanted to show a pick of my schedule
Its not much but helps me out. Wife was just gonna throw it out anyway



If you’re planning on going from the cups to 3 gallon, to 5 gallon. You may want to try a 3 gallon nursery pot. I like the fabric pots for final transplant, but I always found it easier to get them out of plastic pots. Maybe personal preference, but the media and rootball seem to stay together better when removing.


Not sure. I dont mind going straight to 5 gal if it wont hurt it. Might try both ways and see which one takes off better.


Morning @Budtastic. Remember Mother Nature doesn’t follow behind Johnny MJ Seed to make sure all the seeds he’s dropped are aiming in the correct direction for germination. There’s any number of causes that could have affected the resilience of those two little girls. I might have just put them to the side and watched what they would have done. Kind of a miniature science experiment. You know your setup better than anyone, you didn’t want to jack with them which is perfectly fine. I’m impressed dude. You’re researching, not afraid to try new things and documenting what you’ve done. Keep it up, you’ll be teaching others the correct way to grow before long.


That will work just fine. When I seen you were ordering both I just wanted to throw that out there.

You can use pot size to control plant size a little. When I’m looking to raise up my plant count I’ll usually go from party cup to 1 gallon, and then transplant to three gallon right before flip. If I went straight from party cup to 3 gallon during veg and tried to finish in it I’d run a good chance of being root bound by mid to late flower.

By using the 1 gallon in the middle it controls that root growth some and I don’t have any issue finishing in the 3 gallon. In the 3 gallon pot I’m able to get a couple of extra plants in my space.


So its been 4 days and not much has changed. Makes me sad. Think i should drop the light back down. I don’t know. They just don’t look like other 2 week olds. The leaves are curled under. My temps are 77° day and about 65 at night. They been steady. RH is 33 day and 45 at night. Watered PH 6.5 just now. Runoff is 6.1
I don have a ppm meter just yet. Maybe a week or 2. Any suggestion?
Northern light been almost a week without new growth

The top 2 pics are same plant. Bottom pics same plant.
Manderin Haze

Both have yellow bottom leaves. One has brown spots. They have been in 2 weeks, today being 14th day.

These 2 are 4 days behind the upper photos.
First is looking good but showing same growing pattern as the other northern light. Second pic is one i had ro help lose its seed cover.
Northeen light

Ultra white amnesia

Could it possibly be nitrogen deficiency with the runoof being ph 6.1


What soil is it again
Seedling like rh of 70%
Maybe put a dome on them if you can’t get it up
Hopefully the soil has NO NUTES


Like @Nug-bug said, raise that RH up. I keep my seedlings under a dome @ 80% RH for the first two weeks.
They are way to young to be watering to runoff. The soil should just be moist, not wet.
Do you have drainage holes in the bottom AND sides of those cups?


Looks like your over-watering… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Soil is foxfarm seed starter. This is first time i watered with runoff. Usually watering every 3 or 4th day. I havent added any nutes.
Other then the watering i did to check runoff. I havent been giving them much at all. I wait till they are almost completely dry. And about half the bottom of solo cup cut away for drainage.
I dont habe any problem with drainage
I just put dome over plants and will monitor RH. Wont water till 95% dry and then ill only put small amount of water in each and monitor daily.
Sadly it will take 4 or more days to dry out.

Also @Flyr my girl accidentally ordered the 1 gallon and 5 gallon fabric pots instead of 3 and 5. So ill be doing 1 to 5 gallon whenever necessary


Seed warrior I think is soil-less so the ph should be 5.8
That’s the only thing I could see as problematic
But run off of 6.1 isn’t that much off, next water try 5.8 and see
IF the mix is indeed soil-less


@Budtastic, That shouldn’t be any real biggy. My girl? Where can I get a girl like that?


Overwatering is the issue after reading more into it. I should have been spraying water instead of dumping it all over. I thought if the soil was dry then the root had to be dry. I will reduce watering and hope i dont kill them.
@Flyr yeah man, she buys me the small supplies i need. Works out because i been buying her all the supplie she need for years now. And at 6k a year. Ill save money no matter what. She is definitely down.