Building perpetual garden stage 1


First plant to show buds. Super hyped. Should I trim underbrush now or wait a bit? Other 2 should be showing within a couple weeks I imagine



I just realized we switched to flower on the same day. I start counting my flowering time after I see the first pistils. Then I will use that day to follow the nute schedules and flushing times. would wait on trimming until your lower bud start to develop, then you can judge better on how far up you want to trim. Always leave enough so there is no light hitting the ground under your plants. Also only remove sugar leaves. The fan leaves provide energy to the upper buds so do not remove those.

Looking Good @Budtastic :sunglasses:


What bloom nutes are you going to use.


I was just going to go with fox farm trio. If you have other suggestions please let me know.
I did notice some yellowing with some purple Stems on those that were yellowing. Also had some weird curved growth on one. Could be magnesium deficiency but also think it could be a p.h. fluctuations. My girl isn’t really on point with that unless I write out specific instructions. The runoff today was low in all 3 so I’ll adjust next feeding to get it back to 6.5. They are taking about 2 gallons every 3 days. I watered today with only 6.5 ph and some calmag just in case. Did see 1 nat today. That sucks, but I do let them dry out pretty good before I water again. It could have been me that brought it in also. Had a bucket for water outside and their was a couple in it but didnt notice till I got to my room. Killed them I think but we will see soon.


Yeah yeah
Already getting frosty


Couple pics of my set up

Really only thing left to do is minor upgrades like an oscillating fan (have a window fan and box fan now)and block the light from coming in from intake vent. I will eventually put another light up for a total of 4 fixtures. I’ll put a couple pics up tonight of how buds are looking. 2 have pistils. The 3rd will in a week or so I imagine. Been having trouble from the start with that plant


Looking clean! I dig it :v:


Looking good. How high do you have your lights above the plants? Looks like you could lower them a bit. Did you ever download a lux meter app for your phone?


Yeah I downloaded one. Said the sun where I was around 130k in some places but I went with what you said with bout 8 inches and just under 100k. But that’s directly under each board. Outsides of plants are getting around 75k. It seems to be working.
Plant 1
3 weeks in flower
Mandarin Haze…I think, I lost the label😏
I have fimmed twice and did lst. Veged for an extra month due to not being prepared. But I ain’t mad.


Plant 2
Ultra white amnesia
2 weeks in flower.


3rd plant
Northern lights
2 weeks in flower.
I’ve had trouble with this one and the other I gave away. I just cant figure it out. I’ll keep at it thou.

Lot of purple stems and yellow


@Donaldj @garrigan65 what does this look like to you?



Here is the progression


Tops are just slow to grow.

They just got water. They were thirsty for sure. I’m doing foxfarm trio with calmag every other watering.



Save this for future use :sunglasses:


The first thing I would do is flush out your soil. Flush with 3 times the volume of you pot size. This will clean out your soil, then you can start adding nutes at reduced volumes and this should correct any problems you have. You could add this or that or the other thing and guess what the plant needs but flushing is the easiest way to start at zero, then you will know what is in your soil.

I would remove any leaves that show deficiency so you can tell if it worked when you get new growth. :sunglasses:

Also in some of your pictures, it looks like your plants needs water. Plants in flower need more water then in any other stage, so you may want to increase your water/feed regiment.


Yeah they were thirsty when I took the pics. I was gonna flush plenty of rain last night to get all 3 plants. Last time I flushed it worked for a bit. When I started flower I was giving them 2 gallons each every 4 days and getting about 4 cups run off. Then it dropped to 3 days. I think it is in the process of every other day now. Have the week off work so I’ll be able to keep an eye on them. Thank you much. I’ll update in a couple days to show what they are doing


I flushed the northern light plant that’s been giving me problems. Put 10 gallons in at ph 6.5
Checked the ph after 5 gallons and it read 6.3. Put other 5 more gallons in at 6.5 and checked everytime before I vacuumed the water out. On the 11th gallon it read 6.5 coming out. PM was under 100 coming out. So as not to starve them out i put another 1.5 gallons in at ph 6.5 and 2100ppm. I’m running out of nutes. Had ordered foxfarm trio last week but this time it’s by the gallon. Should be here couple days. Don’t waste your money on those small ones kids. Buy the gallons. Plucked some of the leaves but not all that’s showed damage. It’s quite a lot so I felt that I would have had to take half the plant. I’ll just keep an eye on it to see if it keeps getting worse. Hate to lose her but could be too late. If they were people, she be the one on heroin. Missing teeth an all that.