Building perpetual garden stage 1


Finished up the other 2. Still have to buy the 4th light but all work and so much quicker then the first. Took me about 2 hours total.


Awesome :smiley: How is your room coming along?


Let me get it together and ill write it out but rough estimate would be 250$ per set.
I had to buy a few extra items to help me out like the rivit gun 15$, all these drill bits I had an still needed to buy one. Got a cone bit at harbor freight for 10$ drill any size hole you need for grommets to fit. Worked great and didn’t leave a rough edge. @Ozzimotosan1


Great, got a lot done these last 2 days. I just have to buy the fan and filter. This is what gonna get
Have to wait till next Friday to order thou


Im having a huge dilemma right now. Im gonna have to get rid of one. Just don’t have the space in veg room. Even with 3 they are almost touching. 4 has them squashed against each other. So I figure my options are to get rid of one the northern lights. Can’t decide between organic one that is growing slow or the one in having trouble with. It’s big an growing nicely and new growth is showing nice green leaves. It’s very hard to decide what to do. Any suggestions?
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If they weren’t bushes out as much you could’ve probably pruned one out to be single cola plant. Just a little over vegged/trained for your space.

Top one looks bigger, would the bottom fit better with other plants?


I put wrong 2 up. Those are the good ones. It’s these 2.

I just trimmed about a dozen or more leaves off the bigger one.


Keep the small one if it means more room.



Do you live in an area where it is warm enough to put one outside? Or use natural light from outside.

Or trim and make clones and do what @dbrn32 said have a single cola.

Give one to a friend. Lots of options


Shit, im in ohio so last week it was it was 72 and next day it was 37. It snowed yesturday here. Lol Tomorrow? Who knows. I wanna do clones but the juice won’t be here till Wednesday. I could squeak by Another 5 days thou I think. I leave for work Monday till friday. Wasn’t sure if it would be okay to clone those with the problems I’ve been having with them. Wouldn’t it just carry on to the clone? Nobody knows im doing this but this forum. We watched my wife’s friends kid and she was blabbing on about her friends grow room and how he is so proud of it and how he would be willing to show it off. I don’t even know this guy but I imagine that how you get caught. So not sure giving it away would not give me away.


I feel your pain - it’s so funny how many you think you can fit when the sprouts are just transplanted into the pots - I had six in my 3x3 and thought - no problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Then 8 weeks later I can’t even fit 3! I had the good fortune of a discreet friend I felt comfortable sharing grown plants with - knowing they were going to a good home. I would try outside myself (despite the variable weather you’re having) what’s the worst that can happen? If it grows great and if not oh well.


@Budtastic If you have a space outside, this could work. Temps are on the way up, as long as it stays above freezing.


It’s what I go done so far in flower room.


You don’t have any Buddies with a light set up?
I have a few. Better than trashing it.


@Budtastic flip flip an flip again,time to turn those bad boys into 12/12 cycle :slight_smile: maybe ? lookin awesome :slight_smile:


Rooms looking good :smiley: Your getting there.:sunglasses:


Yeah, about 300$ more and ill be good to go. Of course I’ll have to wait at least 2 weeks. 1 to get the money to order the filter and fan and another to wait for it to be delivered. It’s not easy to buy my smoke AND build a grow room. Lately it’s all been my extra cash doing this, now I gotta work for it to finish. It’s all worth it to me. I love this hobby


Five Clones

from the Purple Haze I harvested last month on their way. Put them in midway pots. Next pots will be the 5-6 gallon ones I use for the four footers.
They will go outside next month. It was 60’s here yesterday. Today it’s 30’s with freezing rain coming!
I love New England!