Building perpetual garden stage 1


I usually splice wires, and solder them when I splice. If I have wires to go to a connector. I always splice the wires to the mating connector. Never wire to a plastic connector unless they give you posts.
Even with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape, with any movement it will end up shorting out.


Wish I would have made one of these last Summer. I’m on fifth week tomorrow fruiting. My middle plant under a “400W” COB LED light fruited beautifully, and FAT. I already have amber trichomes.
The two on either side, are skinnier, and not as developed. They each have 600W COB LED lights.
So obviously the 400W is way better than the 600W units.
I lowered the 600W units a few days ago, and since I only have one place to dry them, I drilled a hole in all five trunks, and will flush with Humbolt MICRO, and molasses.
One important note. I have been using BLOOM, and CALMAG, along with a little phosphorous, and potassium. I checked the PH when I started, and got 6 PH, I started increasing as the flowering increased. I checked the PH on this water I was going to use tonight. 5.0
Yes, I should have known. Pix tomorrow night. They still look great. Just wish the side plants caught up a little faster. I’m going have head buzz and couch lock. I’ll have to keep them labeled! -Oz


Saw 4 - 3500K QB’s on Amazon for $133. 2000mA per board? That 8Amps total. MAX though.
Thinking about it, to start the upgrade. Also got a chemo patient interested in some. Legal to give away, so I think I will be helping her out. Nice. Makes it more than worthwhile.



Depends on what you want to do with them? Pretty sure I can find a couple of single driver options if you want. What are you hoping to get out of them? @Ozzimotosan1


The connectors are metal on the inside, just encased in plastic to keep them insulated. They work pretty good actually, you just have to get a feel for depressing the tabs.


My 4’X4’ grow space. Probably five plants again. Debating whether to run my current set-up one more time, and start building then.


Here they are now, going into sixth week. Already drilled holes in trunks last Thursday, and will start flushing this Tuesday.

I’ll put some pix up with normal lighting soon.


4 isn’t really enough of them for a 4x4. You’d probably want to be in the vicinity of like 12 of them running at about 50 watts per board. They don’t have the diode density that the 288 boards do, those are twice the diodes and half the size. You could probably try 8 boards total though.

What a lot of people do when getting into cobs is build bars of 4 cobs one bar at a time. That’s probably why they are sold in 4 packs. Totally up to you how you want to proceed, but hlg-185h-c1400a should run 4 of the 132 boards at 50 watts each and let you dim to 50%


Dimming for clones and seedling? Or veg and fruit modes? I’ll look at the other boards and the dimensions. 12? Are they small? I need to hook up with that LED University on RapidLED.
Thanks Man.


Depends on height that you run light. You would be able to run seedlings and clones under it, but would require it to be higher than like vegging plants.


Okay so im still out working. Started in Tulsa and moved down close to Jackson, Mississippi. I haven’t seen the plants for about a week now. The lady sent some pics tonight. You’ll see I had a problem earlier with nitrogen deficiency. I just went ahead and transplanted into final pots and doubled the recommended nutrients with the earth juice. The timer for the light is giving me some problems. Can’t figure it out until I get home Thursday. I know for sure the girls went without light for at least 1 night. Knowing my lady it could be more. I also fim the plants 2 weeks or so ago. Looks like 1 for sure didn’t take. I believe other 3 did. I’ll know better soon.


Side view of that big one


Another batch already?


Well it been 2 months and sure feels like it’s dragging ass. I’ll probably switch to hydroponics after this. Seems to go a bit faster. All 4 seem to be doing fine right now. Only 1 took to the fimming. Other 3 just completely ignored the cut all together. So I did it again on 2 of them. Will see in about 2 weeks if it worked. They all have like 8 or more nodes and roughly 8 to 10in tall. Im back home now so I will be getting the remainder of supplies for my lights. Also I switched from earth juice at double the streangth to fox farm nutes. Started with a little over half strength an will begin full with next feeding. They look green, seems like I fixed the nitrogen issue. I do love seeing them after being gone a week. Huge difference in appearance. Only if it was like that on the daily. Anyway, im having a blast doing all this.


I think 1 will be ready to put 1 in flower room within 3 or 4 weeks. Im gonna be putting in work to get that finished for sure. Im still super pumped about all this. Im going for pro status within 2 years. 1w=1g research an trial and error will get me where I wanna be.


Hey bruh, I looked at Lowe’s for the 18 awg wire but they didn’t carry it. Home depot says they have it but could you put a pic of what I really need up for me. It’s the last thing I need to finish 1 set of lights. I want to go grab it tonight so I can finish an post a pic


None of those stores around me carry it. The stuff they carry is all for low voltage application, or bigger than we can usually use. You need to probably look at something like an electronics type of store. Radio shack or fry’s maybe?

Anyways, just make sure it’s rated for at least 300 volts. Here is a link that would work.

Doesn’t have to be that kit specifically or from that manufacturer. I just had the link handy.


So I have to order the 18 awg wire. Just another hold up from not being totally prepared. Don’t be like me kids, make a list before shopping! Anyway, I’ve been looking for a planter that wpuld be easy to move an boy are those things expensive. I made my own for 40$ ! 2×4 sides and 3/4 plywood, 5 rotating wheels.
Took a less then am hour and I had the pvc just laying around. Measurements are 4ft×2ft. Also the rubber is extra I had from a roofing project. Pots will sit on top of pvc for great drainage and has wheels so very easy to move. I’ll probably add a drain hole at the low end so I don’t have to shop vac the water out. It will drain too a small bucket an will be tested for PH and ppm.

All this just because I have to wait on my 18 awg wire. Had to do something