Building perpetual garden stage 1


Wagos will depend on how you want to configure drivers and plugs. You’ll need at least a half dozen of the two port wagos for hooking up output to leds though.


I bought the three hole wagos so I could wire plugs. You can still use them with two wires too.
I think I bought a 25pc box off amazon.


Cool, was just making sure i could adjust in between.
Lol hey man, to someone that only knows how to plug things in, thats a switch that I gotta use a screwdriver to move. Haha
Thanks guys, ill put up a pic of my order to make sure it’s right


No worries, it’s a lot to take in at first. Usually by the time your first light is running you realize that it’s not that big of deal with the right resources. I’ll go grab a couple links from amazon that may help you out.


You could also use these on the ac side if you don’t want to use the wagos. Just make sure cord diameter is 10mm or less. Or find larger connector.


Here’s that batch still coming along. They started 12/12 light/dark schedule three weeks ago tonight.
I thinned them out to get rid of some light blockers, and big bug robbers.
Got one of those pocket microscopes on Amazon. $12, and it goes up to X140, has a focus wheel, and lights up with the press of a button. Saw my trichomes for the first time last night close enough to see their color. Clear as a rain drop. Plan on cutting down first sight of amber trichomes. -Oz


Oh yeah it’s gonna kick it know. Gonna start getting fat !!!


All are doing good. They are taking about a half cup water every 2 days with full streangth earth juice. They are about 5 weeks. Still behind but I can veg longer so no big deal. When should I start training or filming? I wouldn’t be able to do it for few days anyway. The bottom 2 look like bushes. Hardly any stretching. Im afraid if I raise my lights up too much it won’t penetrate enough. Also they are in 1 gallon pots. When would be good to transfer?


You can start topping/fimming at 4 to 5 nodes.

You could transfer to 3 gallon or just transfer to 5 gallon for their final home.


Yeah that’s what I figured but with how they grew the first 2 weeks didn’t know if I should count those smaller nodes at the bottom. Was thinking I should just clip them. What do you think from that side view pic


You can chop them but they will fall off on there own eventually. I don’t think it would hurt it if you wanted to pluck them though.


Fimmed 2 of the plants. One I think was a little low but other one was great. They each had 4 nodes and I cut new growth that would have been 5th node. Other 2 plants not ready. It was easy.


This is the side view of the bottom pick. It was already gonna be bushy before fim


I’ll second what the others said. Also, you’re a long way from being worried about light penetration. There’s a real big gap right now between what you need for them to grow well, and what it takes to flower out dense buds.

As long as they’re not stretching a ton, you’re good.





I uploaded each individually so not to get mixed up. Fimmed another tonight.
Look at that wicked curve in the stem. I’ll bury it it when I transplant. I think they look good. Any and all advise is gratefully received. I’ll be working on my other room very soon.


Everything looks good @Budtastic the NL looks a little hungry. I’m sure you’re feeding them! :wink: Keep up the great growing.


I think you’re pretty good. Stem put itself right, so I wouldn’t sweat it.