Building out a new room, need advice

@Grizz718 got my lights all up…not what I ordered as you can see above but f it I’ll make it work…meanwhile they are sending me the short boards for free…guess I need some b spec boards too now since I’ll have extra heat sinks :rofl:

Here they are after tidying up all the cords and such


Looks dope. Looks like a really nice light spread. Scrog next time?

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You can only run 2 boards per driver in series. But you could still throw something together to mount two heatsinks with 3 boards on each and all 3 drivers to, then rotate the sinks

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Do you think that would provide a better coverage than the way I have it now?

I’m gonna scrog this one if they ever grow lol. They are day 32 today and seem to be at a growth stoppage :confused:

That’s what the 4 poles are mounted to the walls…so I have something to tie the scrog to and I can slide I’d to the height I want/need

@dbrn32 is there such a thing as a control box for 110V that can control both the on and off as well as dimming for all 3 lights instead of dimming each one individually?

The way I have them now, is all plugged into a high wattage power strip, and that strip is plugged into a on/off timer, but I’d like a single “All in one” box that I could mount and plug them all into.

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I think moving like I said would keep your core light intensity on the canopy as opposed to bouncing of the walls. You can certainly run a grow the way you have it and see though.

Nothing like that I’m aware of. Titan controls makes a relay unit that could eliminate your power supply, but won’t have a dimmer. Do all 3 drivers have remote dimming leads?

Yes all 3 do

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ok @dbrn32 here is another question. All 3 boards have their own individual drivers and individual dimmer knobs. Is there a way I can wire all 3 to have just one dimmer that can control them all in sync?

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id run with that. you can adjust those later and get good coverage when they start to get bigger. Looks like a good setup to me.

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Yes, that’s why I was asking if they all had remote dimming leads. You can use 33k-40k ohm potentiometer, or any number of the fancy led controllers. I haven’t had to do this for more than two though.

Made my scrog screen, 4”x3” spaces copied off a YouTube video

Now just need to get my girls up a few more weeks to use it :slight_smile:


Ok…few upgrades to my seedling/mother/small veg area :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Start with a new S4 fan:

Also small infinity carbon filter:

Coming all together:

Final product With Mars Hydro Ts1000 (May swap out to HLG135 B spec when they get in stock:


Just need to go through at lights out in main area and check for any light leaks and I should be golden!!

New HLG heat sinks will be in soon and I can fix my main area to the way I planned…the tnutz frame I designed however has been traveling since Aug 24th From NY to Chicago to Alabama and currently in Australia…fml

Can anyone tell me how to get the wire out of the connector on the HLG boards? @dbrn32 @Hellraiser or anyone else with HLG lights?

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Push in at the squarish part on top of the connector with the tip of a phillips screwdriver, wire comes right out, same as inserting, push in at that part while inserting the wire, makes it very easy.


Right here, push in on that while pulling on the wire.



Hellraiser has you set. Most of the molex connectors have a little detent at proper location.

Time for some room updates added another shelf (with some 8L Cvaults :slight_smile: )

Also made a trimming station:

still have the XL heat sinks for now :frowning: