Building out a new room, need advice

Read alot about that advanced promix 4, but i just filled a pot with it for a pepper plant, and man is this stuff loose! How the hell does it support a plant growing with it so loose?

Mylar is more reflective than most if you buy the proper kind but i have always found it easier to just use Flat white Latex.


I have been changing my Mylar funk every three grow. This time I will be putting up paint instead. Easier to clean than replacing it.


Another update… got a smaller 160cfm fan setup for my seedling and clone box and got most of my nutes…seeds should be here tomorrow!!image image image


Looks like you’re getting close… Did you figure out your humidity issue?

Great set up, nice clean, organized. Setting your garden for success

Not 100% yet, still playing with different solutions. Trying to condition the intake air is out for now, I’d basically have to build a second room just like this one and I just can’t do that for now, so I’m leaning towards a dehumidifier and picking tropical specific sativa strains such as Mowie Wowie, Durban Poison, Silver haze.

I’m gonna do this run with 1ea of blackberry kush and mango kush and see what happens to decide.

100% firm believer in “proper planning prevents piss poor performance” :slight_smile:

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Welp…it appears as though it is time to switch from my grow room build to a grow journal…FINALLY!!!


Small update on my room. Still waiting on my lights and custom frame :confused: however I did get some seeds in and got those going (see my grow journal here: Ocean's grow bb kush/mango kush

Now for the main grow area, I installed a huge dehumidifier

and am able to keep the space as low as 50 in the room while the outside is 80%+ th but I have to cycle my exhaust fan on at 100% for an hour then off for 30min, as a cycle, or I run it at about 50% constant. I feel like the cycle is going to work out best as i feel like I’m cycling way more air that way…idk why, just feels right :smiley:

And finally I also installed some 1/2” pipes along the perimeter, these will serve as the supports to attach my SCROG screen whe. That time comes:

These cloth buckets are 5gal Amazon specials, I’ll start with just 4 plants for this first cycle, but I will clone the 4 I have going and plan to do a perpetual grow, increasing to 6 plants on next grow etc…

I started out only wanting around 1/2# or so, but my wife has really started reading and wanting to make a lot of edibles, so I’ll grow what I want for consumption both ways!!

However as you can see, I have plenty of room to get to even 8 plants in this space, and with the 3 HLG260 lights to start I will be just fine, but I could see a 4th going on if I really wanted to :open_mouth:


Finally got the news my HLG 260’s are on their way!!!

Meanwhile, I got my light rack anchor points up and ready :wink:


looks awesome man, looking forward to seeing what you produce