Building my first room - Amnesia Haze seedling HELP

Hi everyone,

This is my first grow and I should point out that I’m in Canada so I do not have any security concerns. I just finished the ILGM guide book for indoor growing but I still have a few questions on terms of equipment.

I am thinking of getting this grow room:
However, I am not sure if it will be big enough for 1 amnesia haze seedling
I also plan on getting this for a fan:

I am not sure if a carbon filter is worth it or not? Can anyone give any recommendations?

I am also torn between getting an economical 600W LED light or 600W HPS light. I know the book recommends an HPS light or LED but it’s almost double the price and I’m wondering how significant the difference is.

Any other recommendations on equipment would be highly appreciated. I’m trying to keep it budget but I’m not afraid to spend a little more if it is logical.

Spend time shopping around. Found a 4x4x70 tent for $70+shipping.
LED lights are famous for claiming 1000watts but only delivering 300 watts. Choose wisely.
since it’s legal, no need for carbon filter. Let your girls stink freely…

Before you buy anything…get a PH n PPM Meter set…essential and only $20 online for both.

up to you to decide if you want to grow dirt or DWC. Makes a difference.

I’d go bit bigger on tent. If your just planning on one plant go 2x2 or 2.5x2.5. You can get a nice QB light to cover that area pretty cheap. I’ve made the mistake of getting a cheap “1000” watt light to find out is was crap. Better to have more than enough light than going cheap now and wishing for more later. If you plan on growing more than one plant in near future better get a 2x4 tent at least or you’ll be ordering another one.

I was planning on growing in dirt. Can I still use an HPS light or is that only for DWC

HPS/MH and LED lights will work with any indoor growing situation.
Light has to be strong enough to fulfill the plants need for light to grow properly.
Makes a difference only in that LED lights can provide a wider range of the light spectrum.
ASK for more informed advice regarding LED’s. Often repeated is the seller’s wattage numbers don’t match the actual strength. For that information…others are much more educated on LED’s.

Btw…there is a Free Growbook download available on this site. Very informative and helpful.
AND, MH is best for veg growth phase. Then…switch to HPS for best flowering.