Building lights

Hello I just wanted to get a little info about building my own LED light I would like to know where to get the parts from I would like to build to 300 watt lights


Can you give us some information on what kind of space you’d like to light up, and for what purpose? Full grow - veg and bloom - or just veg or just bloom?

Do you have any height restrictions? A little more info on your grow space will help.

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@dbrn32 is a huge resource for lighting. I’m sure he can point you in the exact direction you want to head. Just try to have some specifics for him.

Quantum boards, cobs or bridgelux lighting strips should be your focus.

Start out by reading through this thread. Let's talk DIY lights

And this one DIY with bridgelux eb strips

There are several other diy lighting threads as well.


Thanks for tag!

Would be asking the same questions as @Bogleg at this point.

There’s probably a dozen different resources we can use to get high quality leds @Mush4kush. If you give us some information, we can definitely get you headed in the right direction.

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The space is 48"x34"x72" looking to do veg and bloom in same area

You can do pretty much anything you’d like in there. Assuming you’ve looked around some and have an idea of what you want? Like cobs, something with mid power diodes, or what?

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