Building growroom. A couple Questions

I have a 4’ x 4’ x 80" tent all set up. I got my exhaust pieces and was wanting opinions on the best type of setup for just 1 or 2 plants. Using 3 300w panels (which I will set up after I get the exhaust done) while I have a seedling in 2 x 2 DIY under 80w light which is sprouting nicely on day three post planting. Once she is ready, I will move both the plant and seedling light for a little extra wattage. So around 980w “equivalent”.

Also, how often should I water the seedling?I only use half a cup distilled first week or so around the seedling. I was thinking of adding a half cup but don’t want to overwater as I have bad luck with that particular issue.

Thanks for any help! will post pics of the equipment if needed (i will check back on smoke breaks since theres no smoking in the grow area) or you could go into the grow tent topic I created last week for the list of exhaust and light materials I purchaced.

I forgot to add that the exhaust is a 6" setup with 390 cpm. I’d like to anchor the inline down if I can.

I dont have my incline fan mounted anywhere due ro it vibrating my studs and you being able to hear it upstairs extremely well, I am using bungee cords to free float it from the ceiling, and this works amazingly well keeping it from vibrating anything.


Yeah I did the same thing with straps. I think I got it though. I couldn’t get the clamps to work so i wrapped duct tape around the exhaust tube. I will post a pic in a little bit.

Just keep your seedlings moist that’s it don’t over do


If i can assist tag me @Chip_Butterfield im a hvac tech by trade for the last 25 years


@garrigan62 would a spray bottle be more efficiant than a quarter cup of water every few days for the next week before I start the nutes?

@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks, I’ll tag you in my other thread where you can have more info on my setup and be more up to date.

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Yes it would and tag me also if you want.

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Of course! And I will start the spray bottle tomorrow. Thanks @garrigan62


ojk sounds good then…

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62 I moved the tent into the bedroom finally. Took a short vid so you see what I’m dealing with exhaust/airflow-wise. It’s not public so just hit the link (or video) below. Call it an ILGM exclusive :sunglasses: If you need a location I can message that to you or just tell you I am in the southeast US. Sorry for the 2 day delay. Been a busy week.

I know I was going to take this to a different thread, but I’ll just link you to it where you can see the parts I have:

I triedlast night in the mudroom to swap the weaker light in the seedling closet with one of the Roleandros and it jumped to 86 degrees in a matter of seconds! So I switched back to the weaker light which brought it back down to around 75 degrees which I get alarmed if it goes over 80. I will probably just move the plant into the tent once the air is taken care of. I also plan on adding another 300w into the tent for a total of 600 watts (280 actual wattage). Just something to consider. For that area I may need a hand from @dbrn32, maybe? At least for verification…how far from the plant, etc.

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Countryboy definitely your guy for that! A couple of things I picked out from video that may or may not be an issue…

  1. What’s cfm rating of filter? For a 6” filter it looks a little short. Could just be scale though. Where I was going is if it’s relatively small filter, with all that duct, may be restricting fan quite a bit. If you’re not moving a lot of air through there I would imagine would get warm pretty quick.

  2. When it hit 86 degrees, was door zipped closed? I noticed none of the passive vents appeared open.

  3. If you plan on venting out the window, you may do better moving tent near or in front of window to cut down on duct. That will increase your air movement quite a bit.

As far as lights go, I think most people flower with them in the 14-18” range with similar styles lights. Veg a little higher, and gradually work distance tighter. For a 4x4 tent, you’ll definitely want more light. But you should probably hold off to get your ventilation in order. If you run into issues it may make sense to get into some lighting that runs a little cooler or has some dimming controls.

@dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 I can add a dimmer switch manually somehow if absolutely necessary. That’s not a problem. As far as the tent temp, with the zipper closed with all 3 lights it would each 90 degrees. That was also in a non–ventilated mudroom behind my carport where the South East US heat and humidity is a mofo in the afternoon. When I adjusted my 18/6 light schedule. Since then I cleaned out and moved the tent in a spare bedroom with AC and a ceiling fan where I took the video you saw. Way cheaper solution than ponying up dough for a portable AC.

As far as the CFM rating for the 16" Carb filter I am unsure as I got one of the last few 6" Amazon had and now the product page is down for the 6". The company website has the specs but no CFM rating either

I can kill the duct work in between and just fit the Inline directly to the filter and run it maybe 4 feet to the window from the duct outlet fitting the fan into the passive outlet of the tent. I’m getting the gist I think as far as duct work that less is more.

As far as the passive outlets I always figured the idea at least for flowering was to keep it sealed besides a smaller (4") inline duct work from the AC vent which is what I was thinking of doing. Maaaaaaaaybe add a 4" booster fan. Vegging I can open it no problem But would like to keep it sealed if at all possible.

As far as lights, I’m stuck with what I have and would like to use all 3 (420 watts total, seriously lol). The lighting seems efficient and I think will do me well once I get the temp under control. So I guess I will install all 3 and work the air out. Last thing I want to do is get it right with one or two and the 3rd throws it all off but it is really cold in that room with just 75 degree setting on the thermostat.

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Looks like you have just about everything I can help with figured out. I’m sure countryboy can provide more info on the ventilation.

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@dbrn32 Thanks for stopping by and helping a brother out. I truly appreciate it, man. You’ll definitely get added to the credit of this first real grow :grinning:

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No credit needed, just trying to help when I can.

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I have the same light
You want the passive vents open or a intake fan to help with air exchange no smell will come out if your tent os in negative pressure
If your in a temp controlled room you can install a intake fan on one of you lower openings in tent and run carbon filter / exhaust as discribed to window this should help maintain temps in the tent
I maintain a 78 degree temp in my grow room
With lights on
Also post run my lights a night when heat of the day is at its lowest


@Countryboyjvd1971 sounds good. I will order the intake then and go as planned above. Thanks, brother!

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You can buy a window kit for a portable unit
To terminate the exhaust duct or just cut a 6 inch hole in a piece of ply wood
Also if needed you can route a duct to floor vent and draw more air from there

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@Countryboyjvd1971 One step ahead on the air vent duct idea. Was thinking of 4 inch inlet with a yard of ducting going into the floor vent for direct access.

I was going to DIY the window much like above.

I forgot to ask, should my intake be around half the CPM as the exhaust? (390 CPM) I saw that somewhere on reddit but the way people are there you never know

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