Building a new room need critiques on my idea


Ok so I am about to build a new flower room and I have had some great ideas from people here and have had people tell me valid reasons why what I wanted to do wouldn’t work so I’d like to set out my idea here for my new flower room and maybe u can stop any mistakes without me actually having to make them.

Room will b in my basement from floor to ceiling which is 7’. It will be 8x4x7. Currently I have concrete floors which makes my current grow room hard to maintain its heat. My heater is always running. I was thinking of putting down one of those underfloor heat mats. Has anyone used one?

I am going to use drywall with the inside lined with silver sided insulation. I was already told that my idea of mirrored walls won’t work. Thanks @dbrn32. Does anyone know if I would b better off painting the walls flat white or using the insulation sheets? Thanks I know I will have more questions as I build this weekend which is why I made a thread for it. @Happy_Pappy @Hogmaster @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @livefast


I’m so jealous that you’re doing this. I have no doubt it’s going to be a great grow space. Now, I really like your idea of the heated mat. In winter I use a heat mat under my pots all the time to keep the temperature up. The plants seem to love the warm feet of the radiant heating. It also helps dry out the pots really well. I’m curious to hear that others will say, but i think it will work great.


I used to flip houses and did a lot of the work myself so this should be a piece of cake. I knew I couldn’t get rid of the bug. Not sure what kind of floor I would put over it. Tile would be easy to clean up but hard to move or update if I need to. My current grow room has Sheetrock down and it’s ok but something easier to clean up would be better.


What are you doing plant wise?


I can’t start new ones til after I have my new room built right now everything is in flower on a 12/12. I want to start the next set but have to build this first


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So, a couple of things: having to add heat isn’t a bad thing usually. That means you have control over the temperature. One thing that would help would be to lay down a layer of 1" Styrofoam to insulate yourself from the concrete floor. That cleans up nicely and is cheap. You would just cover the plant areas.

White walls seem to be the most popular.

Do you have plans for ventilation? How are you making it light tight? Putting in a people door?

If you time your perpetual grows right you could also use that for your drying space. Take advantage of any carbon filtration you may need.

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@Justgrowin I’m using both flat white panda film and reflective solar board and can’t tell that it makes any difference as far as light goes. I like the panda film because it seals the room


@dbrn32 @Happy_Pappy Hey guys it would take some head space off but what if he built like a 10” tall subfloor then he’s be on wood not crete


Buy some 2”x10” and some quarter inch ply then he’d be off the Crete and if wanted could leave a little spot to blast some heat if needed


I just made my 12×6 shed into a grow room, I definitely underestimated the price it would cost to insulate it through, it took way more than I figured lol


I would check out @willyj thread (go back to the very beginning) he has a great grow room set up and maybe he can offer you some insights of things he may have done differently. His concrete floor doesn’t seem to pose a problem but he also has some kick butt lights. I’m use tents for now but aspire to a completely built set up someday. Best of luck to you, Jeb


The inso board on the floor would b weird to walk on. Ply would work but would hold water or moisture and eventually would swell. The heated flooring is only 80$ for 25 sq which would be plenty. I have left over tile from the bathroom remodel I could put over it. That just limits me to making changes. Once tile is down it’s down. Maybe I could tile the plywood in sheets. Then they could be moved if need be


Good idea friend.


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What’s stopping you from using that heated floor mat on that link? Just askin tryin to help


@Justgrowin thanks for the tag. I have some building experience, and if you put the styrofoam on the floor, with 1/2” OSB, or at the minimum 1/4” ply, just glue it to the foam it would work great. It would support your weight. If you’re lucky enough to have boiler heat you could very easily install a zone from that. Just a few options.
The in floor heat would work very well, but I know that stuff is expensive, and I’ve never had one, but I know there’s a commitment of extra money every month to go with the installation.
In floor heating usually works best with a thermal mass installed on top of it. This could be concrete, or ceramic tile.


I think I am going with it. Oh and by the way. I’m not a man. Lol. I should have picked a more feminine name