Building a new grow room question about lights

I have built a 7x6 grow room using 5x6 of it for growing, rest is for walking and heat a/c and fan I have purchased a bloom xp4000 and I have a bloom Bp 2500 if used together will it be enough light I an wrapping the walls and floor where -pants will be in Vivosun 6 Mil Mylar Film Roll Diamond Film room not finished to do a par check just wondering if I need another 4000?


Good Morning the light expert is @dbrn32. Sounds like a nice setup. :blush::v:


Roflmao @Tylersays

To end ALL light questions. The SUN is the best light. Bowing now to my own insight and greatness.


Yeah I told my wife that should be interesting so we’ll see.

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In all seriousness kinda check footprint and amount of plants. If getting a solid 4x4 of that room…should be easy 400w…with the mylar reflecting values go up. Light does not stop till stopped. You have a supplemental light also. I do not see you wall to wall 5x6 unless you do. The experts up here will lead you correctly but i bet you have enough for now.

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Right now I have plans for 4 plants but plan on 6 next grow I planned on wrapping all the walls top down and underneath the plants I wasn’t gonna wrap the ceiling or floor where I walk i’m sure that’s overkill but I’d Much rather put too much then not enough.


That is going to be bright. Hurting my eyes already. Watch for hotspots with mylar and those angles i would think.

Hoping lights don’t go up that high that the angle affects them i’m planting Auto‘s

I think you can make it work, but could also do better. They are claiming their 400 watt light will flower a 5x5, but biggest names with best led tech are suggesting more like 600 watt light for same size space. There’s just going to be a gap in what you’re pulling out of the space vs what you could pull out of the space.


Wow that is so cool :sunglasses: I am going to sit in on this grow for sure!! :blush::v:

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what you think?
I get 602 on the ends and 636 at 48 inches
everything can dim the outside 2 can do flower and veg. I will fix wires once I get it set up
and I have not put in the shiny stuff yet.