Building a new grow room, help/advice wanted

ok, i found the plc strips. i like these too, and has the deep red led i liked in the cutter strip. looks like if i order today they will be here in about a month, that will give me time to run power up and get the room set up. if i run the drivers at 220 do you think i would be able to run all 5 drivers for 5 lights off 1 circuit without a light controller ?

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Probably not. Maybe if it was a 20 amp circuit and you staggered timers by a few minutes. But 5 drivers more than double what meanwell recommends.

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almost ready to start placing orders, 26 plc samsung photo strips (2 spare and or towards next lights) and 3 HLG-320H-C1400A either the a or the b is adjustable on the driver itself. i submitted it to short term memory, and is gone… i cant remember which and cant find where the info i found om it was. either way b is out of stock. again thank you for your help !!

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Hlg-320h-c1400a has built in potentiometer.

@dbrn32 i have all my parts in, and am starting to build the first light. i ended up finding some 1" X 1/2" aluminum for the frame work, i just wanted to verify that i am using 8 strips in a 2 foot section, building a 2’ x 2’ square light ?

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For a 3x3 right? That’s what I would do.

i line this set up better too. But i would make carts on wheels with poles at the 4 corners for scorg nets and they could be rolled oit to the middle of the room for axcess to all side.

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i was thinking of a wheeled scrog, or just a fold down scrog i can adjust height for each 3x3 slot.
i have 3 flowering lights built, running a wire up to the room tomorrow i hope, i bought parts to build 2 veg lights to put together 1st, live got busy, havent been on schedule at all. got the horse hair plaster down, going to need to do some insulating and put up either sheet rock, or maybe pink insulation boards. have not decided.

i did get a good dehumidifier, ordered some reflective mylar, but UPS says they delivered it the day before i ordered it. very efficient. battle to continue with ebay there, but not bad, 20 years ordering stuff online and first time not receiving what i ordered.

my next major step is going to be heat, have to figure that out yet, was hoping to have all construction done before starting to flower in there, but guess i will have to settle for less than ideal, as i haven’t even had time to update my grow journals, and i have 9 wedding cakes to put into flower now . fun days ahead!!

hope everyone is doing well, will update with pics soon


just an update to where i am, fist i will say that doing sheetrock is not at all in my area of expertise and i lack any natural talent for it, so have lots of taping, mudding to do when time allows, for now it works. i ended up running (2) 20 amp circuits to the room with 12/2 wire, each with a gfi first in line to the other outlets. i have 3 lights built and will be buying more soon, thank you again dbrn32 these things are awesome and use soooo much less electricity than i could have hoped for. i am slowly turning them up, i would guess they are at 3/4 power right now and still playing with how far to have the canpoy from the lights. it is still warm here, highs in the 30’s F, room is staying in the mid 60’s which is lower than i want, my next step is a heat source, am deciding between a mini split pump, or an electric wall heater with a fan on it with a programmable thermostat.

here is a picture of what it looks like for now. i put 3 plants in 3 weeks ago, they look great and trying to get better at trimming, and what parts of the plants to keep. i imagine like the rest of everything i will learn more as i fumble through.

just wanted to give an update, i ended up tossing many of my cakes as they got infested with aphids, i saved 3 of them, pretty happy about that, thank you again everyone for your help, i’d have probably given up on this hobby soon after i started if not for everyone here.

the plant all the way to the left is 1 i just put in yesterday and have not started defoliating yet.

the black sheet is blocking a window, will be putting plastic over it soon to conserve heat.

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Looking good!

I think a split unit makes sense if you are sure you’ll need the ac. If not, try turning lights up more or whatever to avoid needing heater.

it has no heat source and in a few weeks will be seeing 20-30 below 0, i will need a heat source no matter what, the wood stove does the job to get it to room temp now, was built in mid 1870’s so is not very well insulated, but slowly improving on that. i have a wall unit with a fan at the work office and the electric bill is not terrible, and is the only heat source there, is about half the size of a single wide trailer, so is my first thought. we may get 10 days per year in the 90’s so wont really need the ac, but it would help to keep things ideal. i am looking at a 5 zone heat pump now, but am only ready to install 1 zone, not sure if i can peace meal that together 1 zone at a time. the old horse hair plaster is falling off some walls in the house and the blown in insulation ignored all the window framing. so plenty of drafts, lol. i am only using a blanket for a door now to help with heat in the new flower room so i can keep it in the 60’s easy enough, but would like to see upper 70’s during lights on i would think. i had the door way covered in plastic last winter, likely could have frozen water in there i’d bet. will be down in the teens tomorrow night so will have a better idea of what i will be seeing on a nice winter day then.

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Sounds like your work is cut out, but you have a good handle on what’s needed.

no matter what theres aways something to do. a growroom will keep you busy. i use a aircond.-heater, dehumid. it keeps my veg room perfect. i also use a infered heater in my bud room. my rooms are 12x20 each. and the house is not heated its a extra house. if you dont know about your room temp. being controled then dont grow hydro. to warm you get root rot and to cold will not be good. but dirt is the way to go. its what I use with my magic dirt and advanced nuts. wish you all the luck

thanks 12x20 must take a good bit of upkeep time , i really would like to get into hydro at some point, but too much to learn still.

i ended up buying an electric wall unit with a fan and a programmable thermostat, they are cheap just need to run a new wire and install it. today was day of trying to install a door, i really hate installing doors, house doors, boat doors, jeep doors, no matter is my Nemesis, door is in and works, but has many light leaks, so blanket up still. i remember scrapping out hundreds of hospital xray darkroom doors over the years. they would come in handy now.

next is ventilation, and wondering about how to handle lights and power outages, i live on a main road and dont have many power outages, and when i do they dont last for long. more research. i am wondering how long 1 of these lights will last on a upc system for a computer, or if would be best on an inverter/battery system. i have 4 plants just into flowering in there now, 7 more seeds planted that are just about 2 weeks old, so have some time to get things up and running. i just wish i could find a strain that worked up my energy level to match up to my ambition level…