Building a light @dbrn32


@dbrn32. I am looking to build a light for a flower room that is 7x4x7. I want just one light that’s the best for flower. Would these work and be enough? Thanks so much for your help. I am hoping u will help me along this thread to build one.


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Happy to help @Justgrowin! Where are those lights from? Or is there a more detailed description?

I don’t want to be quick to judge, but they look very similar to what @skgrower had. I don’t think he was very happy with the performance.


I can’t put the link but here’s a pic. That’s the whole description.


I found them. They don’t give you any voltage or current data, which makes them nearly impossible to size driver. No big deal though. At $45 for 100 of them I doubt they’re anything you’d want to use.

Doing decent cobs properly in that size space isn’t going to be cheap. But I’ll scope around to see what we may be able to find a good deal on. By one light, you mean you want everything to be fastened together into a single fixture?


That would be ideal


I also wondered if there’s any reason I can’t put led strips on the walls of my grow room. I think they are peel n stick no?


Ok so I’m not an artist but I want to try to show u what I have in mind. And can u tell me if it’s possible. The hangers that are not colored in would b white lights and the blue and red are colored. I want to hook my carbon filter up thru the top and out of my room. Am I crazy?


I don’t think you’re crazy, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking about the fan and filter? You want to pull the air for exhaust from the top of your space, so that would be ideal. As long as you can find a way to keep your duct going wherever it needs to, that should be fine.

The drawing above, you’re showing where you want to put the led strips? And what kind of strips are we talking about? Like the decorative ones? Those don’t really have the intensity to grow plants well.


Yep yep and yep. And I want to put them on the walls underneath my scrog nets.


I want to run the carbon filter and exhaust fan from where the light fan would normally be. Should serve dual purpose and I have an 8” can air carbon filter.


I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Although most of the lights I design don’t need any specific fans. If you have reasonable exhaust and air movement within your grow, they will cool passively.

Did you see the last light I built?


I have to b completely honest with u. I have tried to follow along those light threads and u just lose me in all the tech talk. Ask me anything about the science of the plants and I’m good but this stuff terrifies me. But no way am I gonna find the light I want the way I want it unless I pay some 1k to build it or I do it myself. So here we go. And I am so appreciative u r willing to drive on this adventure. Thank u


Well on my current blurple lights where the fans are lol. I want to replace that with my carbon filter and fan and run the electrical cord right up the side of the duct


No problem! I can definitely help you through it. But I’ll be completely honest, even building yourself is probably going to be pushing $1000 if you want to do it well. The average cob or qb type of build is running about $600-$1000 for a 4’x4’ on diy light. And you’re almost double that space.

We can certainly forgo a little bit of performance and things like dimming to save some cash, but anything decent is still gonna cost a few bucks.


That’s fine and I want more than decent. I want a crazy a$$ bloom light. Specifically for flower. The idea is to take all of my blurple lights about 4400 fabricates watts and put them in my veg room which is 6x3x7. And although those are the measurements I also take a lot of extra steps to concentrate the lights. I have a poly pro inso board attached to my light hanger to stop any light from escaping up and I put another one against the plants on the open side to make a full reflection. So the height reduces according to the height of my plants. I tagged u in on the room grow so u can see what I am working with.


For whatever reason some of us aren’t getting any notifications right now. But I’ll check it out when they pop up. If you want kick ass with the least amount of fuss, then you should probably consider doing something with quantum boards. You seen them around by now I’m sure?


Ya but… that square white light is cool and I know they are good but I want to b very specific to bloom. Don’t i need to place my leds in certain ways to get the best spectrum for bloom?