Building a grow room

Thanks for the tag @Growit I’m here and set to watching. Work has been keeping me busy. I look forward to seeing what you end up with lighting.

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You might want to consider splitting it into 2 rooms like I did. I had a space about the same size. I built a 4 x 6 veg room and a 7 x 6 flower room that I actually only use 4 x 5 to grow.

I’m able to use one 6" exhaust fan for both rooms with no smell issues.

I also built a intake air box that sits on top of the AC vent for the original room. It has 2 in line duct fans to move air into both rooms.

Each room also has an in line fan connected to outside air for when I’m not running AC @Growit
It cost me about $1,000 not counting the lights.


Gotta love the wife for that one!!!

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20 square feet in each room is a lot of weed. Are you just growing for yourself and your wife, or were you planning to give a bunch to friends. Remember, even if it’s legal, the first rule of growing is to not tell anybody you are growing! Giving away ounces to a bunch of people can get you burglarized or worse. Making a smaller operation would save on lights and electricity. Running 1500 watts 18 hours a day really adds up.

With my medical status and state, I could grow way way more than we need. After this crop, I think I’ll cut back to just keeping a mother plant going for a while. I’m going to have to sell a bunch of lab puppies later in the summer and I don’t want a bunch of strangers to see my outside grow area.


Cool I love it
Yea I may divide the space it is still early in planning so we shall see
Thanks for the pointers and pics
Nice grow

I am supplementing my income brother
If it weren’t for a couple of plants flowering I would not be doing an indoor set up
But since I have been taking the growing pretty seriously my wife and I discussed a solid indoor set up. I know it is alot but the space is gonna get used

What did your cob build cost ya?
And do you love em?
Where did you get the parts?
Thanks I was checking out your light build
Very cool

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Looking at doing something along these lines
Found this on timber lights
So @dbrn32
What is gonna be the best place to get the bulbs and other components? I do not know what to look for as far as bulbs I have no clue on what a 120 degree lens vs a 90 degree lens
A few places have the whole kit you can jus buy but is it possible to source all the components separately and get mor bang for buck?

Was thinking of starting with two of these?

Pretty sure you need to delete that link. But ya. Something along those lines is what you’re looking for.

Sourcing parts individually is almost always cheaper. But where to get them changes a lot. Certain distributors only carry certain brands and who has what in stock at best price changes all the time.

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Thanks dear I hope it turns out well
I am in good hands here though.:blush:

So where would you source the parts for a build like the one I posted?
Sorry but I am really out of my depth
Not the building and stuf but choosing the best components is my concern
For me to spend $1000+ I want to make sure I do not by the wrong stuff and burn my cash I want to do a solid serious fixtures and do not want to screw up by purchasing the wrong stuff or spending more cash than I have to over one component vs another.

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And I cnnot thank you enough for your time

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Thanks buddy I know your experience will be invaluable once I get some plants in the space
Thanks for following along man

If you like that Cree stuff, best price is probably from kingbrite on Alibaba. But it has to be decent sized order to cover shipping. It’s expensive from China.

For the price of that kit you can get same fixture in citizen built and ready to hang. You give up a couple watts in efficiency. Just a thought.

Your best bet is to kind of figure out what components you want and shop around from there. Rapid led with a discount code is usually best bet for larger heatsink. Citizen cobs is usually best from cobkits. Arrow and digikey for bridgelux stuff and drivers.

When you get close to ready to buy, get on mailing list at all of those places. They will sometimes send discount or free shipping codes.

Ok thats the thing
I am so dumb to this stuff
What components do I need
How do I choose the right bulbs
Is there an article you suggest to help me get a basic idea of what components I would need for a solid build
Like what driver do you recommend or difference between a vero bulb and a citizen and a cree
Its all very confusing for me and I do not want to screw up this build and waste cash

So @dbrn32
Like I have no clue on the difference of this fixture and the othe one I posted from timber
Completely lost on this
Sorry I am just a lil nervous about this and super excited too just wanna do it right and make every buck count

Sorry not sure what links are allowed
I can delete it not very good with technology

Last I knew you could only link amazon, dealzer, and now AliExpress. It’s not a big deal, but if you keep with that should be good.