Building a bubble-cloner.. Need plans!

Building a small bubble cloner

…anyone have plans for a small simple Tupperware / Folgers coffee can Style bubbler?


No one? :worried:

Well …I built it anyway! Check it out!

It’s 14.5 x 11 x 5", holds about 3 gallons, I’ve got two 6 inches airstones and I’m going to get a decent air pump tonight

…any thoughts?

How much stem goes in the water?



Keep us posted. Never did this but very interesting. Something I might want to try down the road. Good luck

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@JJ.chronic.clones had built one here:

And the tips at the least need to be in the water to avoid getting an air embolism in the stem.

Really this isn’t much different than the very old way of rooting a cutting in a plain glass of water, except the water is kept much more aerated with the aquarium pump and air stone, or stones. Of course the aeration and light proofing dramatically increases your success over just letting the cutting sit in an open glass of water.


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They never rooted. I finally gave up after 15 days, and put them in my cut in half water bottle in a Pete pellet and had roots i in 5 days. I suggest the water bottles… It’s not letting me upload pictures.

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You might have needed more aeration. I have one just like the folgers one but with a more powerful air pump and a larger air stone.

Also the type of water you use could possibly be a factor.


Now I’m thinking break out my propagation mat and rapid rooters and put them in a dome…?

I don’t know which to do now?
I’ve got a 10 gallon Tetra and two 6 inch air stones …pretty good aeration

For my water I would add some light bloom product and I have some cloning powder, I probably dip them and also add some powder to the water

…does that sound like a thing?



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Do both. LOL. I’m having the best results with my Pete plugs and in a bottle…

I use rooting powder, and pretty sloppy cloning compared to others lol. I couldn’t believe how fast they rooted. The rooting tray i have with the pellets Sucks. Good luck.

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Yeah I got the rapid rooters couple propagation mats the dome what have you, I’ve got some seeds in it now but I’m going to top 3 and take clones in a couple weeks when I switch to flower

I’m only topping cuz I got a bunch of room right now but I’m going to take clones from everything and I’m going to do just what you mentioned, I’m going to put some in the bubbler and some in the rapid rooters!

The tray I have doesn’t hold them so well either so I put them in a couple ice cube trays to hold them

-good luck
…youre Clones look great man! :slight_smile:

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It worked, my clones.
I’m putting my 4 plants into flower to see if there all females. Random seeds. All clones marked, couple of each. This second grow is going way better, and my clones are not dying lol. How many times can i clone a clone before it gets weak ? Or do they?