Building a BIGGER Grow Room


I will surf it, :wink:, @Dragon269


Got a little behind here, room looks great! The ak stocks have always been a little short for me, more of an ar guy. But the 7.62 is a little more fun to shoot lol.


Looks awesome! Enjoy and good luck


Out of likes, but congrats on getting everything started :+1:


Hi @Dragon269 ,

I have bookmarked your grow journal for futur references since I intend to build one with poly too, just hoping that I will be as handy as you when the times come, lol :wink: :innocent:

You have a great grow room, be proud buddy :+1::ok_hand:

Just to weight a little with the others, HF is a soil… LW and coco are soiless , so at 75% of HF it should be acting as a soil…

The idea of dolomite lime and azomite is great :+1: . I put some mycorhizes too in that mix, question to help decompose and make available calcium and magnesium present in those minerals to the plant, and some rare earth minerals… And Ô, choose the dolomite lime for horticulture, in powder, not the coarse one for ornementale purpose, just in case you do not know… lol :wink: :innocent:

And for how to post a link, just hit the oblic glasses look alike symbole just aside the “like” button on the post or topic you want to link , high light the adresse of the post or topic you’ll see in the pop up box that will appear , and copy/paste it on the reply or topic you want it to appear , and “voilà” “Tatam” you have linked a post or topic… lol :wink: :innocent:

I’m glad you have tagged me on your topic, do not hesitate if you want to do it again, I am sure it will be a great one, I have the feeling… :wink: :grinning:

I am also on the Bergman’s lab one…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thanks @Niala, still getting the hang of how, when and where… :upside_down_face:


Let’s see if this work’s…


I’m using my phone for Internet until next month… Wonder if lay-out is different than PC?



You’re almost there you can praticly touch it, if you have copy the link https:// blablabla go where you want to go to post that link, open a dialogue box (a reply) and paste it… And add what ever comment you want under it. … And hit save an edit as usual :wink:


Oh okay… Duh… copy and paste… :upside_down_face:
For some reason I was trying to insert rather than copy/paste…
Stepv1… Put down the bong…
Step 2…Put glasses on…
Step 3…refill the bong… :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::sunglasses:


Lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :+1::+1::+1:



Ok when the box asking +new topic appear, you see a http:// support blablabla , high light this adresse, it then will show a couple of copy options, choose copy link adress, you have now copy it. …

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Hit that paste and it should work… lol :wink: :innocent: And add any comment you want under the pasted link, lol :wink: :innocent:


Thanks @Niala:sunglasses:
Sometimes my brain takes a few minutes off… now and then… It’s comes back,. So Far… :+1::upside_down_face:



You’re welcome brother :laughing: :wink:, and it’s ok, I understand, it take me a while to do it too with my tablet, lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:


This is my 1st grow using HPS lights…
I think the height is close to what I did with my LEDs…
Seedling… 40"
Veg 30" and 24" in FLW…
I got lights with an electronic/dimmable ballast…
Right now being the girls haven’t broken the surface yet… I turned the lights (2 of 3…shut down one light) down to 300 watts and put them 40" above the babies…
Any suggestions or comments? Especially criticisms,…


Oh yeah… My LEDs were/are 330 watt Virgin V3…


Today 7 of the 15 girls broke dirt…
The rest of the girls should break dirt in 2-3 days… :dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face::sunglasses:

I can hardly wait… 1st grow using HPS…


Sounds like a plan! Congrats on your new babies lol


I’m jealous!!!


Temp… still too low…

RH is okay, but 6-8° too low on temp…

So I turned up lights to 600 watt… wonder if I should fire up the 3rd light… ??

The temp is good up about a foot below lights, but then RH drops…
I think I’d rather deal with lower temps rather than low RH especially in early veg…
Any thoughts… :dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face: