Building a BIGGER Grow Room


Okay, I am by no means an expert here about such things, but I do recall someone else wanting to merge accounts and as I recall (bear in mind I am old and senile) one of the admins said it could not be done. But, wait for someone else with more experience to weigh in before you give up hope of merging your “personalities”.


I will give it a read after new year 1h10mon left :tada:


Nice girls @Onlythebest79
I’m just finishing my new room,. .
Girls and pics coming soon… . :v::thought_balloon::sunglasses:


Busy at work I see and I can’t wait to see the update


Thanks but I didn’t get any notification for it. Whatever it is I guess I don’t have access to it.


As I learn a bit about it, @Bogleg it’s not something I’m smart enough to mess with… . :fearful:
Besides I’m having a blast with my girls… .


Seems you know what to do :joy:… Nice job with everything…
Now let’s see the lady’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Putting up by/w poly today…
As soon as poly is hung I’ll be floating my babies…
Pics to follow… :thought_balloon::deciduous_tree::sunglasses:


Cold and rainy miserable day… Good day to finish hanging poly… Planning on floating girls hopefully either tomorrow or Wed at latest.,…

Got 6 Super Skunk, 6 TrainWreck and 4 WWA that need a home… LOL
That means to quit being lazy and get my rooms done… :thought_balloon::thought_balloon::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face::sunglasses:


You just need a little space to start them, then you can move them in there final home :blush:


In progress:

Time for a Mental Health break… :dash::dash::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:



Mental health breaks are very important lol👍


Very Important!!! @MattyBear
ROFLMAO :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Much Better Now… :deciduous_tree::dash::dash::grin::v:


:joy: put that bong away :joy:


Nooooooo… not that! :yum:


@Dragon269 I mix my own soil using Ocean Forest and a lot of other stuff. I usually mix 4-6 qts of Coco for every 10 gallons of soil. It helps with drainage.


For a good drainage him can use perlite (up to 25% of the amount of soil👍


I use perlite also in my mix. And a small amount of vermiculite along with clay pellets @Dragon269


I’m going to use azomite this next grow of the 2 widows (white and chronic). I posted a thread about using volcanic rock a few days ago but didn’t get a lot of replies about growers who were using it. @M4ur


Cool… I’m doing 4 WWA… Already have Chronic Widow beans, Their next😁