Building a BIGGER Grow Room


I’m not familiar with dolomite.
… I use well water, it comes out of the tap between 7.4-7.9…
Because of my hard water, would I need to use it if I did the 75/25℅ HF/Coco mix.?


I try to shed the light lol. I think donaldj is a proponent as well.


I would recommend it regardless. With tap water at that, you’ll want to adjust the ph of that water anyway. But the dolomite lime will act as a buffer in your soil, also usually a source of calcium too. Which is something you may need before the end of your grow.


I was reading about Coco… saw a bit on calmag… so I got the GH CaliMagic… maybe I should have a bit of dolmite on hand as well…


I’m using Nectar nutes now and so far, I haven’t had to add any cal/mag because it’s a calcium based nutrient line. When I used fox farms nutrients and Mills nutrients I had to add cal/mag once every 2 weeks or so, depending on need. You can get a sample pack of Nectar nutes for the cost of shipping


I would grab a bag of Dolomite lime regardless and mix it in with your hf and coco ahead of time. I’m not sure how much @MattyBear uses? But I usually do a hefty tbsp per gallon of growing media. So like 3 tbsp per 3 gallon pot and then just turn it in. Some people top dress with it, others dilute into their watering. But I’ve found mixing in ahead of time best for me. If I run into big ph swings later, then I’ll top dress a little.


I mix it in with the medium as I’m prepping it. I use about the same amounts too lol. We’re on the same page at least haha!! I’d go a Tbsp per gallon as a good starting point.


No, you can mix the dolomite lime with the medium and top dress with DE.


I agree with @MattyBear, shouldn’t be an issue.


It sort of sounds like you’re making a soil that I am using. I have a store-bought called Bush Doctor Coco Loco. It’s essentially a super soil with Coco added, I believe. It retains water longer though as the bag says. Maybe something to look into if interested?


Is it a soiless mix? I’ll have to look that up… If I remember correctly that’s a FoxFarm Nute??.. I used FF for years… Great stuff, but I found I had a noticeable difference when I switched to the GH FloraNova line… I mean a HUGE difference!!


I looked up Bush Doctor Coco Loco and it isn’t available in my State… Maybe like FFOF, I had to really look to find in my area…
I’ll check to see if I can find a compatible mix that’s available here…


Hope everybody has a Safe and Happy New Year!



You too @Dragon269


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