Building a BIGGER Grow Room


The ratio I was going to start with is 25℅ Coco to 75℅ Happy Frog.,.
Ok, so same approximate amount of Nutes, just spread out…
I use the FloaNova line, also use the Hurclean Harvest along with the Fruit Fusion sweetener and Vegan Compost Tea…
I’ve never used Coco so any ideas, suggestions or criticisms… Greatly Appreciated… :thought_balloon:
Eventually I want to transition to 100℅ Coco, I don’t any experience other than soil, so I figured I’d start slow… :tornado::sunglasses:


I have always used the same soil from sprout to finish… I don’t get any transplant shock that way…
With the HF/Coco mix, would I still use the same soil mix… (75/25℅) for both seedling and Veg/FLW…??


Happy frog is soil-less and Coco is well coco,so your Ph should be 5.8


So does he feed on a drain to waste schedule then? I didn’t realize hf was considered a soilless mix either.


I didn’t either… been using HF for several years and I’ve had very few soil related problems, other than spider mites…
Kept my pH at 6.4-6.7…


Happy Frog should be soil afaik. I use FFOF in my current grow and it’s soil.

Heh maybe it isn’t soil but OF is.

Happy Frog

Ingredients: Composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, humic acid (derived from Leonardite), oyster shell and dolomite lime (for pH adjustment).


I’m showing my ignorance here… What is a drain to waste type? I always water to run-off so I can keep an eye on my soil pH and ppm levels…


I’m gonna check my bags because I have both but they say potting soil on the bag not mix



Both OF and HF say Potting soil. I’ve been keeping my OF pH at 6.5 with great success. @bob31 uses HF.


I think if you mix soil and soiless the majority wins. I’m too new to be 100% on that though. I would suggest doing a slurry test on your mix to see where the pH lands.


I have used the light warrior with majority of and treated as soil without issue. But I also mix Dolomite lime with all of my pots. So I may not be the best to advise on this type of stuff. But I also figure using anything in smaller amounts the majority would take precedent.

I wouldn’t think that cutting soil with coco would be much different than cutting it with perlite? And @Nug-bug could very well know the happy frog better than I do, I haven’t used it by itself.


Oh my fault I thought it said hf not light warrior
But by all means if your having success and not killing them by all means go with what’s workin


I am using coco this grow and you can not treat it like soil. I did that and judged when I needed to water at first by how dry the medium was. You need to keep coco wet at all times because you are treating it like hydro. Coco is designed to allow oxygen at like 20-30% so over watering is really hard to do. Watering every day once or twice until runoff is recommended :+1:. Happy growing and Happy New Year!!!:confetti_ball::balloon:


Do you feed daily too? Or still once or twice a week like soil?


I know there’s a couple on here that feed every day. Diluted of course but , yes that’s what they do but it’s full coco


That was what I was looking for. It will depend on line and recommended schedule, but instead of like 5ml per gallon 1-2 times a week. They’re like 1-2 ml for example per gallon ever day.


Thanks for all the info… I’ll use every bit I can learn…
So if I’m cutting the HF with 25℅ Coco, would I be able to let it dry before watering again or would I still need to keep it moist.??


Exactly. Just a smaller amount is all you need everyday, to get runoff. Im trying to water less, so I didn’t ammend mine with as much perlite as I do with soil. Only like 15-25%. I eyeball measure lol. I also use dolomite lime to up the ph so the coco takes in my NFTG nutes since they like a slightly higher ph.


That dolomite lime is a life saver!


It really is. Wish more people knew about it