Building a BIGGER Grow Room


Than k s @Onlythebest79
Yep I’m looking forward to this grow… bigger space and a new strain to try… train wreck…


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I looked at the link… nice set-up… Said had 60 sec delay? is that for speed or just like a pause


It just arrived yesterday and because of Christmas I haven’t installed it yet. Talking to the guy at the hydro store this is what I know: 1. its a variable speed motor but I don’t know how slow it will go.
2. It comes in 3’3" sections and you can order as many sections as you want, of course if you go to long you will be taking the light away from the plants for to long. Also, he said you can cut these sections and make it any length you want to.


Sounds cool… Definitely something for the “wish” list… LoL
Thanks for the info/link…:sunglasses::+1:


You too!:lollipop::christmas_tree::gift:


I’m going to be looking very shortly. Thank you for the heads up. I appreciate that. Yes some of these deals look terrific.


Let us know when you get it up and running… really curious… :santa::santa::v:


Yessir, I should have it up and running either today or tomorrow. Ill try and get you a video


I’m going to say again don’t rush as you’ll be happier when it’s all finished and less problems if you run into any. But you got it going on though


Thanks… Walls should be up by Friday…
I’m going to do a 72 hr test-run before I put anything in dirt…
I’m setting up my lights a little different this time… Usually I put girls on table about 3’ off the ground… I figured that if I had a larger volume of air it might be easier to control temps…
So I’m putting girls on the plywood floor… Seems like it might kill a few birds…
With lights below eye level… easier on eyes.
Hot air rises… so cooler on floor.
C02 is heavier than air… maybe an increase of C02?



I’m liking where ya heads at…


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Coming right along! :+1:


Almost there… wall’s up tomorrow, then staple B/W poly to frame wall… as soon as wall is up I can float my Incredible ILGM beans… Then the fun starts!


I should learn how to read a calendar… tomorrow is VA Dr appt… So wall’s go up on Saturday.,…


Wall’s in progress…


Finally got wall framed out… Now just staple B/W poly and I’m ready to go…

I decided to put the door to bloom room inside the veg room… my thinking is that I cut down light leaks from adjoining room and a little stealthy… er… looks like large walk-in closet from outside (well it will once drywall goes up)

For right now, after poly is hung, I’m floating a few girls…

I may have to amend the Title to: Using a bigger room… LOL


Trying a new soil mix…
25% Coco, 25℅ FFLW and 50℅ HF…
Hopefully it will give me better aeration…
This grow I’m trying a smaller size felt pot… 5gal just took up too much floor space… dropping to 3 gal felt.
I’m also going to try WWA… these are going into 2 gal felt…

I’ll post progress from dirt to death… :thought_balloon::sunglasses:


Anybody use Coco and Happy Frog mix?
I assume I’ll be watering more often… I can pretty much tell by weight of pot if it needs water…
I’ve read that with Coco my pH should be closer to 6.0…
@dbrn32 @garrigan65 @MattyBear @Tylan @rodri59 @crazyots @dowencarson @Countryboyjvd1971
Not sure about feeding… I usually follow a feed, then water then wait several days and repeat schedule…
Using Coco mix, if I use above feed/water ratio I might be feeding as much as 3 times a week… I’m not sure if feeding that often might encourage Nitrogen toxicity, Mag or Potassium problems or what…


What would you say the ratio of soil to coco is? I have cut ffof with soilless mix and treated as soil before without too many issues. But you’ll have to kind of tread lightly. A soil grower will do as you described. But a coco grower is going to be watering daily, usually with feed at a much reduced level than if you were just doing soil.