Building a BIGGER Grow Room


Thanks @MattyBear… I’ll be definitely checking it out… :+1::+1:


No problem brother


:joy: I don’t think of that, nice, that is good to have more brains :joy:


First pic (pink) is WWA at 27 days old, 17" high
Starting to stink… Good Stink… :wink:
Might have to put an extractor in Veg Room…

Here’s the girls 5 SS and 5 TW in the big room…

The SS is growing crazy fast, only 27 days old and can’t see pot from above… Goody goody…

All girls got 1st Full water yesterday (to 20℅ run-off)
Runoff from Autos: 680 and 6.6.,.
Runoff from Photos: 597 and 6.4…
The WWA seems to be darkening of large shade leaves, feeling kinda Woody and a couple of the largest leaves starting just a tad of claw…
I started seeing white pistils yesterday and she’s stretching a bit…
I’m going to cut the Nitrogen down a bit,
@MattyBear and @M4ur said to keep some N during stretch…
My CalMag has NPK of 1-0-0…
Maybe I should just cut back on CalMag and keep at late stage veg feeding another week or so…?
Ideas, comments, suggestions or critiques Welcomed… :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Let me think :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:… No, you are are doing a great job :+1::+1::joy:
I don’t know anything about that cal-mag, I only use Epsom Salt to maintain everything!


Looking really good bro! I’d keep cal/mag handy. Autos seem to need it for the first few weeks of flower. Just once every week or 2 unless you’re seeing a deficiency, then you can up it if need be. I’d still feed veg nutes through the stretch and slowly introduce some P and K. Once the autos are done stretching then go full bloom nutes. If they are photos, they like a little more P and K earlier in flower usually.


Your advice is great!
Now the big question: What do you have for flowering stage?
Do you have any PK booster (bloom booster)? @Dragon269


Ok, I think I might have given too much N…
I’d Been giving 1 ml CalMag every watering and feeding… I’ll cut the Calmag to once a week… :grin::grin::grinning:


Yep @M4ur I’m using GH Floralicious, Flora Nectar and KoolBloom… :dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face:


Also using FN Bloom, Diamond Nectar, Vegan Tea and a couple of others…
The FloraNova line from GH has given me Outstanding results… :+1::+1::+1:


Nice stuff I heard about that kool bloom.


Now I try my luck with organic stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (biobizz) and I hope I will get some good and healthy mj plants!


This will be the first time using the KoolBloom.,.
I got the liquid KB for all flower and the dry for the last couple of weeks…
I’ve had really good results using the FloraNova nutes, looking forward to seeing what the KB will do as a Flower Booster… :dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face::sunglasses:


What do you think @Donaldj?
I’m getting a touch of claw… I think I gave them too much N in the CalMag.

I was using the CM everytime I fed or watered…
Going to cut back CM to once a week…
Any suggestions or ideas???
Thanx… :dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face::+1:


Got to post a pic of my Guard Dog…Sunny

She loves to nap under the lights on chilly days…


Here’s a few pics showing the Dark green and the claw starting…

What do you think :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Am I on the right track @M4ur @MattyBear @Donaldj @TDubWilly @Tylan @TxGrowman @FreakyDeekie @mulegal @highcountrygal (and whoever I missed… :wink::wink:)
Cutting CalMag to once a week or so,…,


Yeah just give her Ph’d water next time and see how she responds


Cool, Thanx.,
I think I caught the overfeeding of N in time,…
I’m keeping an Xtra eye on them, since 1st time with Autos…,


I guess @MattyBear already answered to that :joy:, but wait for Donaldj to respond :+1:
This video will help you :wink: (i hope so, just the part whit kool bloom :wink:)


Looks just a little over watered to me but hard to tell under the purple lighting