Building a BIGGER Grow Room


Lol I wouldn’t listen to anyone that I saw whispering to plants lmao



your not a plaint…


I’m baaaack!.. :dash::dash::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:
Had to find people with experience with HID lights and Autos… Found a few local growers that we’re kind enough to share some info… :sunglasses:
Anway, here’s the girls at 23 days old…
1st 2 pics are 4 WWA under 600 watt leds on a 20/4 photo period…
pH @ 5.9 to 6.2.,.also adding CaliMagic.

These 2 pics are 5 SS and 5 TW under 2 600 watt MH… getting ready to flip next week so under 14/10 now, be under 12/12 on the 8th (my girls 30 day birthday) pH@ 6.4 to 6.7…using GH FloraNova line…

Yehaw,. Girls looking Outstanding… :+1::+1::+1:


That’s some crazy ass shade leaves you got there… Better get a bigger bong… Lol


Thanks @TDubWilly… That’s a great video… That’s something I want to look into…
After I get all the Hurricane damage cleaned up (by clean up I mean mucho $$$$$$) I am going to look into a mover…
How much Xtra coverage did you get from your mover??


I’m glad you are back… Now… Let’s see how you do things…

  1. Try to get that pH level at 6.5-6.8 (for soil, if you don’t use soil medium let me know)
  2. You can LST auto to help them get even better coverage (let me know if you need help whit that LST technique)
  3. Do you planning to top/fimm your photo period strains?Nutrient_Chart2


I’m doing 5.9 to 6.2 for the Autos since I’m using a HF/Coco mix… also the CalMag., @M4ur
Yes on topping the photos,. I’ve already topped once and did a FIM about 4 days ago,…
I didn’t top or FIM the Autos, I was told not to top, but to increase photoperiod to 24/0…(I believe that root structure needs dark to work) So I went to 20/4…


I plan on LST for the photos…
I noticed that the Autos
growth really took off in the last week…
I also noticed a little darkening green leaves with a touch of claw… I figured that they are probably starting flower, so I cut down the Nitrogen, I’ll stop it completely after the next feed (also starting bloom feed schedule)
Really looking forward to seeing what the results are using the HID lights… :+1::+1::+1::sunglasses:


So you know how things are working! Nice… Good to know that you are doing great and you know how to make them happy :blush:… I was fimming my auto’s and have good results, but if you’re growing them for the first time, then you should let them to grow for them own (sorry my english brother, I’m not sure if you understand all of my words :joy:). All my grows(4 :joy:) was under 18/6 schedule (except photo period plants in Flowering stage - 12/12).it’s good to give them a dark period like 4 or 6 hours (you need to sleep so them also need a nap :blush::wink:)


Them are also needs some nitrogen in Flowering stage but not so much :wink::+1:
PS i need to go now, my phone is almost dead like I am :joy:… So I will reply you in 6-7h… Take care brother and be safe :v:


Thank You Brother… I can understand you just fine… Maybe what we need for World Peace is everybody grows and that way we have a common ground to start… :sunglasses::+1::+1:
What top did you use with Autos? Full top or FIM?
Also did you do any LST on Autos??


I planned on cutting down Nitrogen and since I’m starting bloom feed schedule that should take care of any Nitrogen toxicity problems… :+1::+1::+1::sunglasses:


I fimm my auto’s (ak47 auto) and both was LST, also my first one was under a scrog for a while :smirk:. Tomorrow night I will show you some pictures :wink:.
I need to take a nap now :joy:
PS if you have time read my journal I will tag you again :joy:


I’m thinking 20% more coverage, maybe higher butt definetely not less


Thanks for the info… :+1::+1:
I did lower RH to 35-45℅, since I’m flipping them next week the lower RH is good…
I left the dirt about 2" below where I would normally fill the pots to… Being my 1st grow using a HF/Coco mix I thought I’d leave a little xtra room for an oops., :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
Sorry about the delayed response… I’ve been educating myself by just lurking and listening and with the help of some local folks…
Thanx Again… :deciduous_tree::dash::upside_down_face:


20℅ is good, I would get more coverage without having to use all 3 of my HIDs…
Definitely something I’m looking into… Soon…

Thanx.,… :deciduous_tree::dash::upside_down_face:


A bit of advice for you with autos @Dragon269, and welcome back, is to continue feeding veg nutes until she stops stretching and then start with bloom nutes. That’s a common mistake with auto growers. I’m just starting to see pistol on my cheese auto and I’m feeding late veg nutes until she’s almost done stretching or she tells me she’s deficient. Happy growing buddy!


Thanks @MattyBear I haven’t seen pistils yet…
The leaves got dark green with just a touch of claw… So I juiced it with 1 ml Herc Harvest, 2 ml Vegan Tea and 2 ml of Diamond Nectar… They came back nicely in less than 24 hrs…
So I should continue with veg feeding schedule for what maybe another 10-14 days? Their 26 days old today
Maybe cut down the Nitrogen a bit…??


In stretch now I think, no white pistils yet… :+1:


They’ll start stretching more once you see pistils. That’s why it’s important to continue giving Nitrogen through the stretch because she wants/needs it. If you cut out N too soon you could suffer some loss in yield, and we want you growing monsters! I’ll tag you into my journal so you can kind of see how I’m treating mine through he stretch, if you want.