Bugs please help !almost about to harvest

They are almost see thru looking and look sort of like a maggat im literly days from harvest im freaking out

I have 2 other plants right next to that 1 I didn’t see any on there but can I assume that they’re on those other 2 as well if I just harvest now will they all die and jump off

Look like mites. Jack’s Dead Bug Juice is safe to spray all the way til harvest. Give a good spray upwards from the bottom, as well, as they huddle more on the bottom the leaves. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Do I have to kill them before I harvest cause I’m talking anyway I could… my plants can be harvested. Ow I was just waiting for a little bit more amber


Give your buds a good wash after chop, if they’re ready. Have you watched any videos on bud washing?


No @Borderryan is it pretty easy

It is easy. It LOOKS intimidating, but it is really fairly easy. Look up Jorge Cervantes Bud Wash on YouTube. About as easy and basic as it gets. There are other solutions that can be mixed, but he gives a great instructional.

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@Borderryan Is there special solutions I have to buy for the budwash. Also if I buy that solution you’re talking about for the mites for the mites how long will it take once I spray that on there for the mites to die or to go away

@Borderryan Is is the video called Jorge servantes washing away potwderry mildew

Sorry. So sorry I disappeared for a sec. Hang on, I can get the link. Only need hydrogen peroxide, a bucket or tub, and plain water. No pH, no special mixing.

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@Borderryan Literally just came back from the store with hydrogen peroxide tubs jars harvesting tonight I’m a probably a week or more earlier than I wanted to but I don’t have a choice

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Thanks for all your help

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@Borderryan my grow room is the same room I planned to dry them in I have no where else is it ok to dry them in there after I wash and hang

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As long as you can keep it close to 60°F, 60%rh, and dark, that’s fine. Keep a fan moving around the buds to help prevent mold. Good luck on the chop!!!

Im just worried about drying where they were growing with mites … how do u get them … so the room should be safe foe drying … I think I read that they won’t feed off the buds when they are drying is that true @Borderryan

I’m not sure if they will keep feeding. You can get some alcohol and wipe the room down to sterilize it. Mites are one of the most common cannabis pests. Most should fall off with the wash and stay off during dry. Worry will always be there. Just don’t let it get in your way. Shoot for those numbers when drying and for a week to 10 days, just let them dry.

Best ways use 5 gallon buckets they r deeper and u can fit a bigger set of branches inside. Use Luke warm water to do it so not to knock off alot of tricomes. I use 2 bottles of peroxide to a 5 gallon bucket of water if plants have any bug issues or wpm I use 3 bottles per bucket 3 bucket to wash and rinse one with the peroxide mix 2 to rinse off good. 3 step process peroxide bucket dip and twist and turn pull up and down thru the mix to make sure to get everything on the bud with the mix to wash everything off. After all washed put a fan on high blowing on the buds til they r not dripping and don’t feel soaked at the bottom tip on e to the point of no drip and feels dry to touch then take and hang in a 60 60 room to dry for however many days it requires to get there good luck

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Bud wash style. Dip, wip and flick…
Dip the flower in the solution.
Wip it around under water a few times.
Pull it out and flick off extra moisuter.