Bugs on my girls

I have little green bugs on my white widow plants it will be harvested in a couple weeks from my tent . I sprayed some neem oil on it even though I didn’t want to I also sprayed some water and detergent. And I put diatomaceous earth on the soil is there anything else I can do to get rid of them we also have some of those ladybug Asian bugs you like to get in our house I put some of them in there help

I wish you would have asked before spraying your flowering plants with neem oil. That’s gonna make the smoke extremely harsh. Best best would have been water mixed with hydrogen peroxide in combination and then release the lady bugs. Anyone have any other suggestions for her? @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Mrcrabs @dbrn32


I think you covered it well. Water might rinse some of that off, but definitely do a bud wash when harvesting.


Good call @Covertgrower. Hopefully that will help rinse off some of the neem oil


I would wash the plant now with maybe even some mild unscented dish soap and wait as long as possible before harvest. Even then I expect your flower is not going to be worth smoking.

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I agree, unfortunately

I did spray with some soap and water after, the neem oil.

thankyou, Tomorrow I will mix up some peroxide and water and spray again. I am not giving up on my plants. I will do the bud wash. How do you keep the plants from creating mold when they are being drenched in water, and hanging to dry? You know when you think they are dry and they aren’t completely dry. Do you people was your plants? I 've seen this video before. @MattyBear @Covertgrower@Myfriendis410.

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After washing, I shake the excess water off, and then hang to dry. Be sure there airflow nearby, but not directly on them.

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do you trim the leaves off first?@Covertgrower

I dip the whole branch in there and swoosh it around. Then I trim.
Everyone does it differently.

Neem had a molecule that is poisonous even tho its more organic check out this article u can see it’s not safe to ingest

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The azadirachtin will break down on leaves within 1-3 days, if one is worried about possible interactions.

Unfortunately the fatty acids and oils will remain, and possibly add some harsh flavors to the bud.

In the future try to discover exactly what the pests are. Green could be aphids, possibly thrips…

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I did spray water and peroxide under the leaves of my White Widow. Sat. I had to take all the fan leaves off the W.W. as you know they are extremely leafy and the aphids eggs and aphids were all over them. I took them out of the tent. Washed the tent with water and peroxide. Sprayed neem oil all over the tent. Let dry, and sprayed my plants which are 4 of them with water and peroxide . Put back in the tent, let dry with lights off. I put a light cloth over the intake pipe from the fan coming into the tent. Don’t understand were the aphids came from, I live in Vermont, were it is winter. :cold_sweat: Will be harvesting in a couple of weeks. Will do the bud wash. The clones are in a smaller tent on the third floor. Before I check them out I took a shower and l put on different clothes. I am getting the little yellow sticky strips to put in my tents from now on. @coverrtgrower @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @Drinkslinger @fano_man.

You might want to start a regimen of using ‘Safer’ Caterpillar Killer, Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew and peroxide, alternating. One of those two products will deal with the aphids and products can be used all the way to harvest (unlike Neem which I hate).


I agree with @Myfriendis410 if there’s 1 bug there tons of bugs you should do a preventative maintenance it’s much easier to keep them out opposed to getting them out… and aphids are relatively easy to handle… the climate for aphids is favorable to mites as well so seems like you have potential to be infested rather easy… I’m in south florida…bug central… can’t get away from em so I got be hypervigilant I have had infestations of …
Root aphids
Green aphids
Fungus gnats
White fly
That’s mold and bugs my climate comes with em unfortunately so sterility is a very important because MJ is like candy to bugs for the most part


From what I understand the Capt jacks dead bug is spinosad, which doesn’t do much for aphids. The safer caterpillar killer is btk, which also isn’t much help against aphids. The h2o2 spray may kill a few or knock some off, I’ve never tried it for aphids though.

Horticultural oil or soaps appear to be the best recommendation. Although I have tried Monterey, Neem, and a few others including an expensive nematode aimed directly at aphids, and none of them eliminated the aphids.

@dreamer I’m in VT as well. Aphids thrive indoors here. Little buggers. :-1:

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Pyrethrins and insecticidal soap… was my first 2 and they worked used both dont know what got the aphids ticket but was 1 of the 2 or both

Thankyou, I will definitely put that on my list. @Myfriendis410 :v:

prevention is definitely a must. thankyou @fano_man :sunglasses:

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