Bugs on buds, how do I get rid of them?

So been pruning last few days, and looks some spots on plant have good amount of bugs on em. Should I spray em? What should I use? Since they’re ready to harvest next week most likely.

Jack’s Dead Bug Juice is safe on flowers. Remove rotted areas. Put a dab of organic honey or pure organics aloe (no moisturizers of fragrance) where the cut was made so to avoid further rot. Spray entire plant and don’t forget to get the underside of the leaves. Do this in the evening, every other evening until they are controlled. Then every 4 or 5 days at maintanence.

If you have mold, cut away affected buds, do the honey and aloe, then spray with a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and water to kill mold and bacteria.

Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!


The bud rot has to be cut out and when you do it be careful not to drop any of it on the rest of the plant and wash your shears and hands before touching any other parts of your plants it’s so easy to spread it. I just had to do this on one of my plants it sucks, after cutting all out I used a peroxide water mix (4 tbs in a quart spray bottle of water) and sprayed the entire plant the peroxide will oxidize the mold spores
The clear bugs are aphids not 100% sure about the black ones @Lacewing is good with bug id. If the peroxide doesn’t scare off or kill the bugs I’d get some capt jacks dead bug it’s okay during flower and should take care of all the bugs


Thanks for the tag and acknowledgment!!


This is a minute pirate bug
Do not remove it
It’s helping you …it’s eating those clear bugs

Now the difference is that jug also has very similar looking larve that you also don’t want to kill

The aphids are easy to get rid of with plain water and pinching them off

Ypu need to be persistent and check a lot to make sure that they haven’t come back

That pirate bug and any larve it lays will kill all those other bugs


Red arrow is a pest larve
Blue arrow is minute pirate larve

Leave those alone


So is my best bet using the peroxide mix, and harvesting? Since the plant is ready to harvest.

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If you are ready to cut it I would cut it and go through it cutting out any of the rot (brown/grey spots) then do a full wash with a peroxide water mix… and you could add a second step to the wash with some baking soda and lemon juice water mix and of course a final rinse bucket with just water. If you search bud washing there’s a ton of information and videos on it out there. Washing has become pretty popular even when everything goes good

Forgot I downloaded these awhile back it two different versions


I’ve had no luck with Capt Jack at all, I had to go back to the fertilom 3 in 1 for outdoor as it works on bugs, mold and mildew

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I’ve read here and there of Jack’s not doing much on some bug issues. Pyrethrin is a good natural product.

I use 2 cups peroxide in 5 gallons of water for my outdoor crops. The lemon juice I would be wary of, have you tried it? Did you notice any difference an acid bath in lemon juice makes? Does it strip trichomes? Does it alter the flavor ?


I don’t like what I’ve read on some studies on permetherin but alas it works for awhile at least.

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I haven’t done it myself but will be on the little plant I’m growing outside now and I will use all three. I’ve seen and heard many people doing it both ways and haven’t heard anything negative from anyone

It’s hard to narrow down pest control. I use the jacks since it’s ok on flowers and rinses off with a wash at harvest. I haven’t tried what you mentioned, but then again I’ve never heard of it lol.

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I harvested 2 plants …grown outdoors I had pests and their predators,
I also had the whatever else the pistols thought it was their job to catch in the buds .

I used lemon juice and baking soda 1/4 cup each to 5 gallons
2nd Pail about an 1/8 of a cup lemon juice only
3rd pail plain water

My buds came out really clean and also loaded with trichomes …as in unaffected

I also notice no popping or cracking during smoking and the ashes are fluffy and almost white .

I’ve never grown outdoor weed before …

And I’m almost 100 percent certain I’ve never smoked any outdoor grown weed before too.
Because it tastes excellent
I grew mob boss …it tastes like I dipped my tongue in powdered tang and the aftertaste lingers. One of the parents is Tang Tang

Also grew white widow and the limonene terp is majorly dominant …
Also the harvest has been curing for just under 2 weeks …so those things I think will only improve …
I was going to take some pen scope pics to see how the trichomes have held up to this point in a little bit so I can report back and post …

I feel like H202 is worse for buds.And unless I know for sure there’s mold or rot I will avoid it .
Based on what I’ve seen it do to human hair
At the same time I also dislike the lemon juice because of the acidity …it’s a tough decision

But just wanted to tell you I am really really proud of what I grew.Especially In the flavor dept.I was also pretty aggressive and vigorous when dipping and swishing around in the buckets .And also kind of swung them towards the ground pretty hard to shake water off after dipping .


@Lacewing I wish I would have read your response before I harvested a gorilla glue outdoor with mildew before I washed it in H202.


I will try the lemon juice on the next one as it was the acid in it that worried me. Thanks👍

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I can say without a doubt that the fertilom 3 n1 kills spider mites as I had a WW with them bad, I sprayed them once a week ago and I’ve yet to see them on it again.

With mildew I prob would have used the H202 myself hahah …just for peace of mind

So these were washed how I described
Been in grove bags for about 12 days

Mob boss

90’s Dutch (It’s just white widow lol)

I have a question I harvested one of my plants yesterday and I noticed as I was doing so that she had some nasty Aphids i cut all the affected leaves off I lost about half of my crop which sucked but its not that bad. It is my first grow and I expected some loss. But after my bud wash I am still finding them suckers on my buds. I used a H202 I thought it would kill the bugs that were on there. I did not see them after I washed so I let them dry (thinking I was in the clear) I was wrong after all that i checked on them and there are still some one there not to many but still ! should I rewash the buds? I read that peppermint oils kill them, Im lost and not sure how to fix this problem should I throw away my buds?

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