Bugs? Mildew? Or both:/


Strain: Pure Power Plant Auto Fem
Soil: Canna Professional Plus
System type: tent, soil in fabric pot
PH of runoff: don’t know
PH of water: 6.5
What is strength of nutrient mix: Only rhizotonic used, 1ml per 0.5 litre
Light system: CFL 4x23W
Temps; consistent at 23-24Celsius
Humidity; 55-65 day, up to 80 at night
The Ventilation system; no, just a fan
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: No

I found weird silvery, white stains on edges of leaves, then discovered red/brown tiny creatires that jump when touched. Located under the leaves mostly.

Removed the powdery stains with milk water solution 1:9 ratio thinking it might be beggining of white powdery mildew.


@Countryboyjvd1971 maybe you can help?


Insects are almost in every medium produced with many kinds of preparations that do not harm plants, but there are many variants to get rid of it


So those could be some little buggers that won’t do any harm maybe? I hope so but either way, once I get my hands on a digital microscope I try to identify them, just in case. Till then maybe the rosemary oil will help keep them away.


Or try spraying plants, water and ash


The white spots on leaves looks like water had splashed and dried on it, nothing to worry about. Now the bug, I have no idea


I think :thought_balloon: cant see properly from them pics but mites man!!is there lil !@#$ers on the back of your leaves :leaves:??ifs so neem oil is good :blush:


Thant neem oil sounds good @Caosred thanks, will try it.