Bugs! Eww! One week until harvest! Help pleaseeee

Hey All!

I’m flushing 3 out of 4 plants and I’m less than 1 week out from harvest. However this afternoon I noticed this little bugger. Looking around I noticed a few more and now I’m concerned.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to either thrips or fungus gnats. But could use your help in identifying/ giving me some treatment options. I haven’t seen any flying around so I’m leaning towards thrips.

Is it too late to spray anything to treat them? What should I do if I harvest them and they’re still there?

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if you are that close to harvest than wash them off during harvest


Use a handheld hoover

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I use this as prevention and we also used it less than a week before we harvested. We also used @garrigan62 Tobacco juice tea recipe

Southern Ag Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate, 8oz



i wouldn’t be worried unless you’re infested with them, don’t know what they are from what I see… main thing you want to look out for are caterpillars that nest in the buds and eat them from the inside out. I discovered mine too late and they dried out a bunch of big buds. I’m an outdoor grower however.

oops, i just noticed 2017 haha… happy 2018

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