Bugs, disease, starving plant? help!

What strain,W.W 

Seed bank, ILGM,
Method: Coco, perlite
Vessels: fabric pots 5 gallon
PH run off 6.1-6.0 ppm 455-565
Light system: led sonofarm Sf-4000 and mars hydro ts-1000
Temps; Day-74-76 night 74-76
Humidity; Day 78 night 75
Ventilation system; Yes, Ac Infinity 6 inch
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier; n/a
Co2; No

Leaves are looking almost scared from yellow to white. First let me start from when I planted gremanated seeds. My coco a buddy said he already washed and buffered was washed, but buffered with sensi bloom… After discovering this I flushed each plant.i wen from 1200ppm to 600ppm then down to 300ppm. And ph was 7.5 now 6.0-6.1. I saw what damage that did in bite burn as the tips were burnt and the leaves had yellow spots in the middle of the green only in the growth that was present at the time. After flush things looked alot better for a week or 2 then I had slightly discolored leaves and a strange wrinkle to them with the edges of the leaves turning under as they are doing again. Now after flipping to flower 2 days ago my new growth is extremely yellow and the older greener growth has small pimple looking bumps on them. And some new growth has what u would think is tiny bites taken out of them. I had seen this previously and have been looking for pests and 5 weeks in I have yet to see and sort of moving or flying creatures. My pot are fabric pots they are black so I’m noticing now a buildup of some sort on the outside of the pots. It’s not uniform just splotchy whitish on the outside. Now I was just told they look under fed. I am taking that into consideration. Also I e plant a W.W. as well looks cometely different it looks week with this soft very sagging and drooping leaves and shoots that are almost purple. It might be from the constantly colder inviorment not to sure. Here are the pictures I have collected so far please let me know what u think. Thank u for ur time.

First, nothing about this looks urgent. Breath. It’s okay.

Couple clarifications:

You’re posting ppm numbers, but list them as runoff. What are your input numbers, what scale is your meter (500/700), and what fertilizers are you using?

It looks like you’re getting the leaves wet. Is that from watering, or cleaning?

Has that coco been used previously?

@KeystoneCops, My Input numbers are 300 maybe. And no never has the coco been used before. Nope I’ve never gotten a leaf wet before either. Some might have a sheen in the pics from a neem spray I had tried just an HR before. But this is the second time I’ve ran into this issues.

You own and use a meter, right?

You want to be on top of your input EC. The scale you’re reading matters a lot. We need to know what scale your meter uses.

Regardless of scale, your ppm is really low. It’s going to vary depending on the genetics, but most plants want something closer to 1000ppm @500scale. I try to be at 1200ppm, or an EC of 2.4 mil/c.

What are you using to water? You aren’t getting the leaves wet when you water?

We only need to know your input pH. What has that been?

Please answer all these and my previous question (re: nutrients) so I can help you figure this out.

Im using a meter that tell me my ppm.
Input ph is 5.8-6.1
Input ppm is now 550.
Nukesheads nutrients.

I’m new to this so ya need a lil guidence

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We’ll need to know the specific meter you own. Also need to know what nutrients you’re using, and what feeding chart you’re following? So, if there are multiple ingredients, we need to know how you’re measuring them out, the ratios, and what order you’re mixing them in.

Your input ppm pH is good, but the ppm is still low. You won’t want to jump to the target all at once. My advice is to resume the vegetative light cycle. Your plants won’t freak out. Rectify the nutrient issues by bumping up 100 ppm per week until you reach the target of around 1000. Observing new growth will tel you how the plants are responding, and this process can be really quick in coco.

Still need to know about the nutrients though, so we can make sure you’re getting the correct nutrient element ratio.

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Nutrients are Flower power package from nuke heads
My meter to measure ppm the brand I’m not sure it’s from Amazon. I know it’s not smart to use. I have a vivson 3 in 1 meter I use as well just for ppm. My ph meter is bluelab

Please reread my question about nutrients.

Heys guys, I use a growing medium called Grow Zorb and it’s amazing. I have never had bugs of any kind, it is adsorbent, once PH is set that’s it no fluctuation. It is so breathable for the riots. My clones break roots in 3 day, faster than rock wool. Google Grow Zorb.

This has nothing to do with the topic. I see what you’re doing here.

Yeah it was my bad. I meant for it to be posted in another forum. Sorry