Bugs bugs everywhere

Any advice on what type of bug this is and how to get rid of them?!?! Plants are just starting to flower so if they need chemicals I would prefer to use them now before the buds get bigger! Thanks I’m advance for the helpful advice!!

Wholly crap that a lot of bugs get some captain jacks dead bug mix in a squirt of dawn dish soap and soak them from top to bottom and under leaves reapply in 2 days

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Get a magnifying glass and start checking. After you apply. How big are the plants

You can also do a treatment of 1 gallon water 1/4 tsp of Dawn 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide 2 tsp baking soda mix well and apply with pump sprayer


Apply 2 days apart after the second one check for live ones if you do still have live ones captain jacks dead bug is one of the only recommended products for use them

I’d ask @Covertgrower . Man knows his outdoors.

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Look like mites. Bird mites maybe?

Captn jacks works, so will other insecticides, but you gotta get on that ASAP. Get rid of any leafs that are infested

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Looks similar to aphids. Not sure they’re blurry when I zoom in. Captain Jacks will have you covered there.


Try this it’s on Amazon

Aphids. Blast them off with water (or rub them off if you can’t get high powered hose to them) before applying spray. Neem oil with 4-5 drops of dish soap added to warm water. Neem container will specifically water to neem ratio. Apply every other day till they are gone then apply weekly. You have to use it right away so pour any extra on soil because they lay eggs there too. Stop using 3 weeks before harvest. Other sprays work too. Neem oil is just my go to. :green_heart::v: