Bugs bugs bugs lol help

I notice some of my old plant leaves moving a few days ago when i was in the garden and let say i found some pests i drop them in the soil so decompose any help would be grateful trying to get them eliminated asap

Found some on leaves

I’m not up on my bugs fully. Let me tag @Myfriendis410. @Drinkslinger.
These fellows know their shizzit. :wink::+1::v:

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Looks like thrips to me


I’ll just follow @Skydiver around and confirm his diagnosis haha. Good call: I would say the same.

Hit the whole plant hard with a 50/50 mix of 3% peroxide and distilled water; really douche the plant. Wait 24 hours and spray either Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew or Safer BtK. Wait 5 days then repeat.


Yes, looks like thrips.
Ive used this in the past. https://www.amazon.com/Monterey-LG6150-Garden-Spinosad-Concentrate/dp/B000BWY3OQ

For those that care its omri rated. Use this several times, a few days apart, and send those bugs on their way.


@Drinkslinger @Skydiver thank yall for the help i went out and got some beneficial nematodes for the larvae in the soil but i think i messed up i had top dressed with diatomaceous earth and forgot to scoop it out before watering them in :unamused::sob: so i think i killed them ima go looking for the captain jacks to after work hopefully home depot is still open with all this corna stuff going on

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I seen that at my local calloways nursery i will read up on both thank you for the input

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Ahhhh so i had a rookie mistake i sprayed the captain jack with the lights on

i burned the leaves