Bug on my plant

Question from a fellow grower!

Found this on my plant. Any idea what it is? Live in Maine

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Was there a picture attached?

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Can we see the pic ??

So I’m curious …is that someone writing into customer support then shared with the community?

If so why wouldn’t they include the pic
Or even post the question if the customer didn’t submit a pic …just curious if you know
I’ve seen this quite a bit

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I think they are questions emailed to seed shop or asked on another platform. Either way, someone in the office trying to help a customer out.

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I did attach when I sent question in. Here it is again. Hope you can open ty

I sent a pic but was not to forum. Here for first time. Tried to upload photo of bug. Here it is again. Ty

I have never seen anything like that! Following for an answer.

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Holy hell
That was in my nightmares…that long sucker going in my ear and sucking out all my grey matter


Looks like it’s part of the weevil family and the larvae feed on roots. Nice job @Lacewing

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Hahahah hysterical yeah it looks nasty but I think it’s intentions aren’t to eat leaves or buds

Thank you !!!

No it’s intentions are to suck out brains in nightmares

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Hahahaha so funny
Great laugh to start my day

Holy Sheidt…a Snuffaluffagus

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It’s crazy looking alright lol snuffy