Bug . inside the soil


hi guys
this is full soil grow
please help wat should i do with those bug . what product should i use kill those bug.
thank u so much

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Just one bug? Use ur thumb :+1::boom:
Seriously though random bugs have a way of finding their way into a grow . Unless there are more I’d say it’s just a visitor. And by the looks of it, it looks predatory… kinda looks like a termite


There is a lot of those bug hides inside the soil

Where did you get the soil? Did you buy it or is it a home mix?

Those are termites! Id be getting that crap out of my house!


From cannibie store. Fox farm

I take that back it does look a lot like a thrip now that I googled one. That would make more sense


Any idea how to take care this. Thanx

Captains jacks dead bug or spinosad

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Can I mix with water and wet all the soil?

I’ve never used it so I’d have to call in some experience
@Hogmaster @dbrn32 @MattyBear

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I’m not sure on mixing in your water and soaking the soil with Captain Jacks, or any foliar spray, honestly. You can add a layer of sand, Gnat Nix, mosquito bits to the top of your soil, but if you want to kill the larvae in the soil, you’re going to be killing off any beneficial microbes as well. If you want to go that route, I’d mix hydrogen peroxide in with your water and soak it that way. You can spray your plants with a 50/50 solution as well to help get the ones on your plant. It’s not an overnight fix so expect to battle them for a while before they’re gone completely :v::bear:


thank u so much