Bug identification?

Can anybody tell me what kind of spider this is I had quite a few of them on my plant when I harvested. When I did my peroxide water bath they got out of there pretty quick. Just curious.


Whoops forgot to picture of the spider

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I just washed a plant I harvested today and it had at least a half dozen spiders just like yours rise to the surface. Have no idea what kind of spider, but after seeing them and all the other crap that came out in the water I’m convinced that if you don’t wash an outdoors grow you probably end up smoking a bunch of stuff you wish you hadn’t.


Can we get a better picture? I want to plug it into an app

See hearing this I know for sure I had issues many years ago. A wash was not an option or something done. I know it should be done even if a drowning of the buds occurs as opposed to a wash with a gentle agitation. Bugs and mildew don’t like H2O2 any kind of submerging in a liquid solution. I’m going to leave a bud of each not washed to compare just to see if there is a loss of any kind.

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what state or area are you in? Looks like a baby web spider. Probably seeking shelter in your ladies. Id imagine beneficial to your garden. That small, it can take care of of alot of pests that can destroy your ladies.

That is the only picture I have, sorry I should’ve done a better job

I am in Oklahoma. I had to harvest a little bit early because I’ve been having issues with bud rot. It’s been very humid and wet here, i’ve been trying to hold off so that I could get the flushing complete. I did a 25% hydrogen peroxide water rinse then a clean water rinse seems to of worked very well.

Good call on the bud wash.

You’ll have to pickup a spider search on google and find them, let us know

I believe you are correct it is either some type of a web spider or a crab spider.

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Might have had some caterpillars or larvas in the buds causing the little ones to go inside after them. Those pests get in there and eat. The damage combined with their waste(poop) brings on the rot

Spiders, praying mantises, leafhoppers, etc, should all leave as your bud drys. I am out here in Cali and I have never heard of a bud rinse b4. I do know tho that moisture will darken the color of your buds. I personally would never add moisture to any bud I’m about to dry, but if your that concerned about any bugs that may remain on your weed, just take a vacuum cleaner and go over it after you hang it up. It’s dry, it will get the bugs, and it won’t lesson the quality of your final product

I was more concerned with bud rot. I cut away any mold or rot showing then do the 1 part peroxide to 4 parts water, then rinse in clean water. Shake off excess water hang to dry with low air flow. A lot of dirt and junk comes off the buds that I would rather not smoke. Have not noticed a quality drop.