Bug damage should I harvest now

I have two plants I gave been taking about lately they have been flowering since 1/24 noticed bug webs a few weeks ago sprayed and just watered with plain water

Checked on this afternoon and saw this

I sprayed again but now I want to know if I should harvest now before more damage

Spider mites how far where you from harvest?

Wow those are really webbed up. Looks like spider man chocked the chicken on em. How many week in to flower are you?

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Is the whole plant covered?

I would advised hose them down , don’t kill the plant, enough to get the webs and mites off , they leave under the leaves , you have dried chili? https://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/t/randy-marsh-setting-up-tegrity-farms-continuous-grow/63808/94?u=randy_marsh

OOOOHHH, NOOOO spider mites, n with the web growth u got there it’s not good. They got a Roman Empire going on there. Take the advice from these good people, I know what I’d do, n it’s not something u want to b hearing. I wish u nothing but good luck​:pray:, but I’m no good here…:alien:


How in gods name did you get weed in your spider farm ?

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Get a vacuum and suck all of those webs and mites off

Your going to want to give these plants a bud wash and thorough rinse and hang dry before putting g into room to dry and cure

It might sound crazy, but your going to want to really allow the bud to get sucked in a bit, to get the webbing off completely

And then a complete clean and disinfection of the room and tent, and treat any other household plants with spinosad

They have been in flowering since 1/24 so it’s been 9 weeks.

They are 9 weeks flowering.

Yeah suck em with a vacuum finish them out then do a bud wash. Your almost there anyways.

They might be just about ready but since it had the pest it might do good to go a week or 2 more just for the flavor and everything to go back to normal , then do a wash - https://youtu.be/S7jE7qzfgQs