Bug control fire Og, Geleto, and peanut Butter breat

Okay I have grown pot for three years now, however this year spider mites about took me out. I saved most of them by putting them outside indoor plants. But now the Grasshoppers and Bud worms are eating them alive I not sure what to do I’ve neem oil them and it doesn’t even seem to faze anything on them. The spider mites killed so many leaves I didn’t even know if there were going to be worth saving but they are I guess. But I need something the point of work for spider mites and grasshoppers and aphids and whiteflies and Bud worms. I know everybody says no toxic pesticides but none of those natural stuff seems to work. I could definitely use a little input

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Captain Jack’s Dead Bug spray…

What he said… and repeated applications a day or so apart until the army has been suppressed, they are tiny and easily missed in a single drench.

So is it safe to use close to harvest? A lot of mine are a week to two out.

Basic info on the active ingredient below, I still recommend washing the bud prior to hanging to dry, but thats me.

Spinosad can be used up to one day before harvest . Spinosad loses its toxicity after 8 to 24 hours and so it will be necessary to reapply to get em under control.

Safe for killing lice on toddlers in soaps for that purpose.

An exorcist for the spider mites. I’d be tempted to say screw it, and start over. Spider mites don’t die, you just piss them off and they get stronger and meaner until you wake up one morning wrapped up in a cocoon.