Bug bombs and mj

End of summer we always end up with many flys and big spiders, in the loft. It’s the flys that are the bigger issue. Will bug bombs (the smoke type), have an adverse affect on the plants.

I was thinking of sealing up the tents, and leaving the extractors running. And bombing over night, when heat won’t be an issue. The whole procedure only takes 2hours or so, so hoping with a sealed tent all should be good.

Anyone got any input?

Flypaper strips.

I certainly wouldnt chance it
Pretty aggresive chemicals
I hung fly traps and they hate cedar oil

But I do not have an answer to your question sorry
I am just a newb

Fly paper would work if I just wanted to catch a few that got in a tent. But this time a year every year, we end up with alot of the little horrors in the lift, that migrate to the upstairs of the house.

We usually bomb the attic in the spring and autumn. When I stated my set up, the fly issue slipped my mind.

I am thinking of sealing the tents zips up with ducktape, and the entrance exit wholes. I could even turn the extractors off so I get negative pressure in the tent. And but the charcoal filters in a carrier bag sealed up. Would probably the best way to go about a bad job!

I will hang paper in the tents, as yesterday I had Atleast 3 in each tent attacking my lights. That’s what reminded me, what is to come! They seem to come I’m the loft, lay eggs then come in the house to die. Then spring the eggs hatch and they escape, or rather over the last ten years, die form bug bombs.

I’m sure it’s my chimney bests or one of them(we have two both not used) where the blighters go and nest. For years we have thought of (re) installing some wood burner, but we don’t need them. Would like at least one though, but that’s another story.

Any chance of moving the tent while this happens? I don’t think residual chemicals in the air are going to affect the plants once it is safe for the meat puppets to breathe :slight_smile:

There is more chance of my moving house tbh. Plants are all scroged into nets, I couldn’t move the tents now! Even if I could, oh the work involved.

I think sealing the tents off, then after the bombs have finished there thing, give it two hours, then get all the 12" fans going to clear the attic, they “should” be fine.

Will have to see. Won’t be doing if for a couple of weeks, so I have time to form a plan. A half backed one no doubt, but a plan I’ll have. :yum:

And probably a load of dead plants. :confused::sob:

If ya gotta, ya gotta, but I would hermetically seal that bastard!

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