Buffering coco coir with just cal mag

Can I buffer coco coir by just sitting fabric pots in water with a decently high dose of just GH calimagic?

That is the way for about 6 hours but out the correct milligrams per liter per gallo. You don’t need a heavy dose

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Thanks didn’t know if there was something special needed to buffer nope just need a ppm and a guide for how much

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I followed the same exactly :sunglasses:

Is this necessary when reusing coco? Also, for what its worth, i have less cal issues using Nectar of the gods coco.


Nectar probably buffers their coco since they really do aim for high quality products , but I’m pretty sure they don’t need to be rebuffed since the whole point of buffering is to attach calcium to the ions that would bind to it ( and if not buffered pull from your fertilizer) then rinse them out, once they’re gone they’ll be gone for good you’ll probably wanna to a full rinse to get rid of any excess salt but otherwise your good


The texture of the nectar line is great too. Good point about the salts, i havent rinsed mine but may start now. Havent had any issues yet, but will know where to look if i do. Thanks for the tip.

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