Budz LED comparison - HLG Infinity vs. SF2000

Budz, I am saving your informative comparison for you. All you have to do is; Make a new topic titled like this one, and I will transfer your posts to your new thread. Meanwhile, it is safe here. :slight_smile: Peace

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Too bad it’s more expensive than an ac infinity with two HLG qb288 heatsink, driver from TRC. By a lot. Finish it out with all ac infinity, cheaper than the sf 2000 kit. And every single aspect is drastically better. I have both, side by side. Built HLG light puts out 30% more light at 8" using 10 less actual watts. The fan that came with spider farmer last year was complete trash. Wore out in 3 months. Running on high to do anything, pulling. 50w. Ac infinity replacement pulling 8. All name brand items (ac infinity/HLG). Under 600. Sf 2000 kit. 620…
Don’t get me wrong. The sf 2000 has and does me well. But they are over price point for their quality now. 30% more light is a friendly estimate.
I used to, but no longer can recommend anyone buy spider farmer. Unless they drop their light down to $200, currently $300. And their kit to 500. I broke it down yesterday with everything infinity except light. Add controller with tempt and humidity alarms. Carbon filter, accessories everything. Under $600. Current spider farmer kit $620. Now there’s a review. They were good… last year… this year. Rip off

Usable. But… for less money to buy and less electricity to operate.

My meter doesn’t go over 200,000 lux. The spider farmer will max it out if I come within a half inch. The HLG breaks 200k lux at about 4 inches away.

Main reason I make this post is so that new growers don’t run out wasting their money spending more money for lesser products that give off less light, move less air, have less options for environment control (infinity 3x3 has 7 cinch and 3 vent, sf has 3 (5now? I have last year’s)and 3.) And thicker poles, sturdier.
Yours is skinnier than mine too. Tf spider farmer doing

Good luck! Happy growing.


I needed some rope hangers and while buying the S6 found that AC Infinity sell more than just inline fans.
Picked up a six-pack of their hangers. Very nice and in some cases less than some on Amazon. While I was at it also bought a 6" backdraft damper. It even had rubber gaskets to seal it in the duct.


Yes i was noticing the diff types of fans and all they have its nuts. Their tents look pretty sturdy too but i hated working in the tent thing zip unzip stuff. I like the open close door thing lol.