Budz' Dreams in Coco

Looks like a happy girl to me

I paused the Cali, which is now in back. I wont go into that unless someone asks. This forum is known to cause a lot of information overload that abruptly falls off. It takes time to absorb it all. Just don’t overthink it.

Also. For note. The table splits this tent into two 2x4. So I got a full 2x4 of veg to play with a couple weeks from now. With the rear cali girl, alone.


The strips are 2". This is a grid. Obv. Gotta understand and apply overlapping. Ofc.

If we ignore over lap. Then… Each strip is like 1.7,"? I guess

*Do not buy that piece of crap kids tablet of which box is pictured… You will regret. I could use the tablet for this same purpose… but reflection. Regular trash is somehow better than shiney trash. 100% proven. ( The box the tablet came in is 50 million times more useful than the tablet that came inside it, definition of mass produced garbage. This is the actual cause of advanced climate change. Climate change is inevitable… but companies like this do not help…)


I tested the “early girl” it’s knocked me out twice today… lol. Like I said. This girl tricky. Her hairs mean absolutely nothing. They don’t really go dark till drying. Those two are gonna be killers.


That’s a great smoke report. Sounds like a 8ght time kind of weed


I was beginning to think I couldn’t get high anymore. Tolerance. That was disproven 100%. Lol

It’s exceptionally stronger than both the blue dream and swog were. Granted the swog didn’t make term. The BD went longer than I’ve ever let any plant go.
Chocolope ftw
As the LLH is a child of the exact Chocolope plant. Can’t wait to see what she do.


Ima have 2 add in future buys… had you getting high again

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That sounds like a glowing recommendation to me. Were there any stray like bonus seeds? I’m in the same boat

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I have one seed of the LLH left. Which I’ve never tried, since the first time growing it is in the ac tent. No remaining Chocolope seeds. May order more though since I didn’t keep a mother this time. I like the gamble of seeds. Don’t want to keep mothers.


Topped the Cali clone.



Congratulations on the nice haul


Look like some nice frosty nuggets! Just like my nuggets this morning standing outside! @SilvaBack203 ayy?? Damn north east is brutal rn haha


I’m freezing bro. It’s suppose 2 get worse

dude its damn cold out.

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:scream::sob:. Wouldn’t want to be up therewith! With our wind chill yeah we are around that temp right now.

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Big trim. Technically rotated one way counter clockwise. I had to spin them in unison to trim easily. Also impossible with a net. And as I can only access this tent from one side… good thing no net. Or this would not have happened. Lol.

Seems a habit I break branches on that girl. Can see the paper tape bandage. The last major break is the clone… Poor girl. Lol.


It looks nice. Didn’t weigh it. Ended up decarboxylating a good portion of it for a thing. Which I just finished. Gotta pick up the ever clear tomorrow. Then decide the evap method. We have a full lab distillation set. With the spirally crap n all. Which would speed up the process… and guarantee a clean end product if I religiously monitor the heat…

Correction. A non burnt product with no alcohol remaining* kind of clean. Lol. Obv any plant mats not seived will remain. Since oils don’t distil.

Edit… again… oils don’t distil on their own*. I’m not saying you can’t break it down into… This isn’t a chemistry forum. I’m not getting into this. Lol

There are two easy ways to get a concentrate. Press it with heat. Disolve then remove solvent. 190 proof ever clear is like ghetto BHO. Lol. Same concept. Less work.

Instead of disolving the oils into butane and recovering the butane. You dissolve in alcohol and evaporate the alcohol… or recover… the evap set is for lack of a better term a still. A see through glass still.

Kind of like this. But my set is 3x.

I may have to make a potato mash too. Brand up some “Budz Blooming Vodka” guaranteed to get you both ways. One product to achieve a twist.


It’s torture time



Looking good!!

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Wow can’t wait 2 c you put that kit 2 test and see the results. You always pulling something out ya sleeves bro buds blooming vodka sounds interesting also…