Budz' Dreams in Coco

I may have gotten lost along the way, what are you aiming to achieve with the drop?

Color. Increased anthocyanin production. @Low

I want the plant to think it’s plumits in temperatures fast. So it goes into anthocyanin production which is the closest thing she has to anti freeze.

Oh right on. That’s what I kind of figured. Have you considered playing with pH?

I have considered a test. As mentioned above. Not gonna play on these runs besides end flush. Which is gonna throw pH out anyway as all nutrients dissapear.

But the 8ph from week 3 till end. See how blue can get.

I like the idea. My temps were dropping to mid 60’s at night and mid 80’s during the day/lights on. But then suddenly they weren’t anymore. Probably because my ac isn’t kicking on as much now that the temps aren’t 90+ Only thing I got is a little pink/purple on leaves.

Yes wish I had the ability to drop the temps. I know how it works. :grin: my only option really would be messing with pH. Just don’t know when you’d even do that. Aside maybe from adding something to the water that doesn’t really matter to influence the pH. Really wanna see what happens if I threw10 pH out, then down to 5, then 8, etc.

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I believe you read @Hellraiser 's journals? He also attributes his late colors due to pH since last two weeks he uses straight ro/di water. That’s a starving plant for two weeks in coco for sure. And the pH goes out of balance as nutrients dissapear. That’s one of his main reasons to continue to flush last two weeks. Colors.


Yeah, the plants I want to mess with are in soil at the moment. The soil will hold that pH so I guess there is really no easy way to do it.

I flushed in soils too. I copied and slightly modified hellraisers entire grow. To be fair.


Yeah, just flushing for the pH fluctuations will be a pita. Specially when my medium was amended with lime. I do intend on “flushing” using plain water the last 10-14 days.

Hoping to achieve the fade for once.

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Love how that picture is burn and starvation in one picture. lol

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Balance! Lol.

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I knew it’d hit 65 since it hit 67 in first half hour. And now the exhaust is running 8 instead of 10. Balance

Nice! Hopefully this does it!

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Well… it can only put color in current growth. I feel as we go into fall. There’s gonna be a period where I’ll never get below 70. Lol. But if you look at current growth over past couple days where I never got below 69. Less color. Main point of the current posts. Chasing color. Then how fast it fell off. I have high hopes I’ll have blue again Tomorrow. Since the strain wants to do it as is.

Consistent 65 now

The highest recommended temperature swing is 20°F. Right now I’m doing 15°-17°. Hence why I believe it will trigger the production.

Since when lights on its 79-83

Always experiment

Nother edit. Now I didn’t say you couldn’t attempt doing a larger swing. Just what I’ve read to be a safe boundary. Lol. Imma break it come winter… of course


That’s why I said I saw older blue on your blue and wondered if it just went away. Your older growth is much more blue. I’m trying my best to keep that.

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Got some color back. She stretched a little more too. But surely. Surely… she is done now. Lol.


Just the cutest button ever.


Done stretching? Never! Lol.

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