Budz attempts at clones

If nothing else. I paid $15 for the kit, 6 for the chlorine, 11 for a gallon of clonex solution mix. I’m determined to keep this cheap as possible for a bit. Since so far I’m about 1500 in with no gains yet. Have to justify an investment. Those numbers are wrong. But they almost add up. Lol.

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I need something like clear rez because I’m the kind to take clones out and forget about the water sitting for a couple days. And at 21 bucks I’d probably toss it before cleaning it.

I know your going to say I’m mental but truly you only need that bubble bucket and water!

I bought all that crap as well, except for the chlorine…

I used cloneX gel, cloneX clone feed… nothing worked quite as well as tap water and the bucket.

Make sure you clean it thoroughly before using

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Guess I’ll try and cancel the stuff sold on amazon not in warehouses. See if I can get my 12 doll hairs back. The girl was reaching for more light, doesn’t like the blurple. Threw the whites back in there. She put her hands down pretty quick, must’ve missed it.

Cancel the clonex and calcium. Will try water only. Guess her first cutting will be being taken Sunday then


Best of luck!!!

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@Budz i made a homemade cloner. Go to a hydro storr and get the smallest pumpnu can find and hose the size to fit on the punp attachment pieces. I lones a tub with half inch hose plugged one end connected other to pump drilled a bunch of holes in the tube for water to spray from and it sorks great about 25 bucks total in parts and 25 mons to put together works great so far make as big or as many holes as u would like

Just used a clear storage bucket same size as a dome for it

I like it. But too large. the one I got is about the size of a shoe box. Which the missing air pump is industrial. Surely I can make it bubble enough if the stock one doesn’t.

The bottom is a 7 gal. Looks bigger than it is lol. Can always get another lids and make diff amount of holes if u need more or less ect. Future ideas for cheaper ideas. Cloners are like 150 to 300 for good ones

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I probably already have most of the stuff on hand to make a hydroponics set. Have a pool pump and stuff from my partners early hydrographic days. His former business wanted to sell out l, but that only meant the professional level crap. Like the $10k dip tank. No one would recognize the shop from then till now though. It’s twice as big for storage, we put up last year and the entire left is machines instead of a dip tank/drafting table and booth. Still got a dip tank that’s third of a barrel, heating element , lines, pool pump. Which the pool pump was only for run off. So they could pump it away from the buildings. So it’s up for grabs. If I ever get froggy. It job of pumping hundreds of gallons 300 feet are over. While the cloners are easy. I rarely go to town, online is cheaper if you got a little time to search. Which a trip to town takes more. Well, a town with stores that don’t begin with the word dollar. Not sure if I’ll like messing with it over just using rapid rooters at this point. Or sticking them in solo cups with domes even. Minimal effort starting.

She really was not digging that spectrum, just had to re watch a video to fix that. There. Now she looks happy.

green light important

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Forgot I even had this laying around, hospital auction, usable hose with it. Plus I have hozes and lines of all sizes anyway. Mostly fuel…

Always toys I forget about, most of them I never did intend to play with tho. Just flip for a quick buck. Paid $1 or nothing for it. It was attached to the nurses station we paid like nothing for too. ($600 new)

Left a light on in the room with the tent open. Guess she wanted to wake up before the lights. Stretched herself. Not as bad as I intitally thought, since the stretchers are first to get cloned or pruned. So I don’t gotta see the damage of my failed pinch. Lol.

Amazon pissed me off. Not hard. Canceled everything. Lol. I usually only buy stuff on amazon if I can get a gift card for leaving a review or something additional free. Yeah, my Amazon review can be bought, is bought. But that’s Amazon. Anyway. So now I’ve looked into different routes. Should be more interesting this way. Gonna test out all natural methods instead. Just seems more natural (hah) to me anyway. as I mentioned above. I don’t want to mess with hydro on any scale really. Innert medium maybe, I’m just so forgetful. Soil is friend.

Oh and the second FiM missed too. Well… F***, I missed. Twice. Lol. She’s topped, pinched too much. So two grow in its place, as expected.

She unphased by it though. Humidity hit way high this morning, was asleep. Some droop from that but she’s a bush already.

Starting with honey tea. Purified water 2c, tbsp honey added right at the start of boil and turned off. Got a week to use it. Nothing I want to pull off the plant yet though. Will see later.

To try the apple cider vinegar I’ll do 2ml to a bottle of water. A bottle is 16.9 oz, in 16 you’d put 1.87. was just the quickest easiest math. Without trying to measure .375 tsp. Because 3/8. But .375 tsp would round up to 1.88 ml. So 2ml to a regular bottle of watter is general ballpark, little stronger. Where I’ll start with that. To be real simple in taking it to the metric system. 2mL per .5L

Really want to play around on this one. Why when they shipped over 24 hours after I asked to cancel what I didn’t want. I cancelled the rest knowing it was coming from the Amazon warehouse and would be canceled immediately. Others were sellers on Amazon. So Amazon gets no business for not monitoring their sellers better, the sellers get $12 and products will find a use eventually. Not gonna waste the time over it. I’ve been in so many fights with amazon customer relations over the years I’m sure someone there knows my email by now. Never have those troubles with ebay, because people sell on ebay, not ebay. Anyway. If I got the bubbleponics thing and it worked well, that would’ve defeated the purpose of making this thread. Would only be one test/attempt. Going for that plural. Any other home remedies anyone’s afraid to try and wants to see let me know. Not sure if I’ll entertain aspirin. I know what aspirin does for cut flowers, could work. But I avoid man made medicines

Do yourself a favor and buy some rapid rooters or rock wool cubes, a seedling dome. Clean blade straight into cube, no root gel or gimmickry. If your environment is right, roots in 5-10 days.

Buying a turbo cloner was the worst thing I ever did.

As I stater earlier. The idea with the bubbleponics was to see if it was better than rapid rooters. While I’ve never cloned hemp or cannabis, I’ve cloned a few plants before. Countless blue spruce, but those are just shaved right and soak in water then plant. Which is why I flayed the last plant I killed, reburied it, best producer now. Lol. If it wasn’t so pretty I’d monster crop it, can always buy more ilgm seeds though. Only $6.63 a bean from ilgm when you buy 30. Always deals and sales too. The idea of the perpetual grow is that I can get it tight enough with the clones I can take a month vacation in the future and trust my bro to take care of them. Since there won’t be any surprises and I can detail a schedule. Last time I went to see my wife for barely over a week my two biggest at the time got stunted af. Claims he did as I said tho. Anyway. The idea here is consistency and ease. At what level do laziness and excellence level? Lol. I would move back to the house with my wife. But that’s time in the slammer. My freedom is secured as long as I don’t go to that state and get pulled over. I much prefer when she comes here, but she’s still working for corporate america and I’m starting my own business here. Shit happens ya know. Not the first time either. I’d rather settle up with my home state than that one. Opposite ends of the spectrum.

Cut the upper 4 fan leaves. Was time.