Budz attempts at clones

This is gonna be a journal specific to an ILGM Chocolope mother plant and it’s clones. In an attempt to a perpetual SoG with 2-3 plants being harvested every month.

just gonna let her get a little bigger.


Interested watching


Let’s see them skills… :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:
Set to watching… :+1:

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She’s growing. I fimmed her just before starting this journal. Got a little time to determine my plan of attack on the goal yet. Might make my own cloner if I can find a missing air pump. Don’t like buying stuff I can make for free or just use gel in soil, or drop in water. Definitely gonna need more than seen here.

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Going with the easier route. Cheaper too. $43 total.

including the hygrometers I was needing. Gonna try Calcium Hypochlorite Granular Chlorine instead of paying for Clear Rez. That lb of, well pool cleaner will make 80 gallons of clear Rez equivalent. I’m determined to find the missing air pump. So I just bought that $14 one with the holes already cut and accessories. And a pump till that one turns up.

Now you can really see my first FIM which missed. Embarrassing. Lol. Second one taking well.

I pinched closer to 10% instead of leaving it. No nutrient problems here. Broke soil Apr 1st.


Oh and the tent and light. I recall nothing about them. The blurple and 4x4x7 where a $69 combo, it was a tent that filled that filled the intended space almost wall to wall. Is wall to wall on left and right. Hence why once I realized it was upside down it was already staying. Still using a bathroom fan for this tent too. Definitely doesn’t take much power.

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Bubbleponics works but aeroponics success rate hands down tops every method. Completely idiot proof and 1st time user friendly

Viagrow VCLN24 Clone Machine 24 Site Aeroponic Hydroponic System, Single, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JT0JRDM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_KEDSGYJFYRYN6W04B3QP

$79 and just use water

Well of course. But I can’t justify spending 50 bucks on a bucket. And I couldn’t find one around here I wanted to clean. What I’ll probably do is buy a pump and make an apparatus myself out of yellow brass or aluminum. Whatever is easier and on hand. I’m assuming there’s a reason the plastic nozzles come by the hundreds. Lol. Bout time I do something on the lathe besides making pipes and weights. I can make some pretty pipes, always end up giving the complex away and keeping the simple myself. Yeah interchangeable bowl sizes and directions is cool and all. But resin in threads is not.

Figure I’ll just put a T with brass nozzle ends. Maybe propane tips. Although most likely I’ll use this thing for a short period, get tired of the whole process and just do it the old fashioned way. Seems like a lot of cleaning. Then a Chlorine derivative of some kind to keep the system clean, like my Calcium Hypochlorite Granular Chlorine up there. Which is almost the same as the clear rez. Based off their sds, which is loose for my liking. Clear rez is more of a multi surface cleaner while my choice is a little more designed with purpose intent. I’ve read a lot of sds in my days. Know my chemicals.


Something about hypochlorite and plants that just doesn’t mix well even calcium chlorite. In small doses yea it doesn’t break the cells of the actual plant down bits it’s gotta kill the micro organisms that feed them

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So will using bleach or Hypochlorous acid, rez is the latter. This $11 gallon of disinfectant cleaner has almost the exact same amount of the exact same active ingredient in rez. Rez won’t tell you their inactives. Just that they are innert. The sds for this one tells me. Rez can’t be too much different in content as they are doing the same thing too

so there’s rez at $11 a gallon. But I paid $6 for 80 gallons. Edit im exajurating a little and grabbed the wrong pic. This one has extra actives. but really not exaggerating much.

Ok, I looked harder. Here you can make your own exact rez.

Just saying. Chemicals are as easy to figure out as anything else. Don’t know why anyone would pay those clear rez prices for a hospital disinfectant that’s not even as good as VirexII. But that shit kills everything. Especially chemicals. Sds sheets are required public knowledge

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Would it surprise you if I said I never used this in my hydro systems and the roots were pure white after harvest… I even ate them once!

If you kill your beneficial bacteria in your system your plant suffers, well overall weight at harvest

Oh and I love safety data sheets, I’ve got a book of them

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You do know both chemicals come out of chlorine right? At proper dilution I can point you to a few hydroponics growers on another forum who swear that the pool cleaner is more adjustable and easier to use.

I do and that’s why I say chlorine in your system isn’t a great idea, even in calcium form instead of sodium. Not saying your wrong just saying your taking a longer road to get where your going.

First you build microbes

Then you kill them

Then they rebuild

Then you kill them

These microbial organisms are necessary for the plant to get its food. Plants give carbon to them in return for whatever they need n p k o and so on.

Kill them and they aren’t they’re in vast numbers to supply your plant.

I understand you need to keep a system that doesn’t seem to get too nasty but the build up of what’s inside there creates the life that comes out the top.

This is why I push so many dwc users to go rdwc, not ease of use but the res change stuns the plant, there’s no need for it.

@repins12 hasnt changed the water in his system in a year!

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Whoever led you to believe you needed clear rez btw?

Just use water! It almost seems too simple

I have no intentions of going full hydro. And I also didn’t agree with this exact choice of pool cleaner. Why I got what I got.

just gonna see if it’s actually easier than spraying a dome twice a day.


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